Hack WiFi – Connect To WiFi Without Password *Working Method*

Think about this, You have no Internet on your phone but have a strong WiFi connection near your device, but you don’t know the password. Now, how will you connect to this WiFi Network without knowing the Password? Well today, in this article you will find Best WiFi Hacking Apps to Connect to any WiFi Network even without having the need to know the Password.

At least once in your life, you might have come across a situation like one mentioned above. There are tons of Apps available to get the job done. But, out of which majority of them are not working properly or not at all works. The app that I am about to introduce to you with this article is 100% working, safe and absolutely free. I have personally tried the app myself and found to works great. For me, it took less than 3 Minutes to crack the password and connect to the WiFi Network in seconds. Basically, what we are mentioning below is a cool WiFi Hacking App for Android.

connect to wifi without password

The method mentioned below won’t allow you to know the Password of the Network, but instead, you can connect to it without even having the need to enter the password. The app will do it all by itself. No matter what network it is or where it is, it works with almost all major type of connections. More complex the password is, more time it takes to crack it.

Everything mentioned in this article is just for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY. We don’t take any responsibility if you do anything wrong with it. So, it does it under your own risk.

Connect to WiFi without Password

You can follow the simple step by step guide mentioned below. The app that we are talking about is available in the Google Play Store and you can download it from there. I will leave links to that below. too

  • Go to Google Play Store and search for the app called “WPA WPS TESTER” or simply click on the link given below, which will take you to the App’s page on Play Store.

   WPA WPS Tester

  • Click on the Install button and Download the App
  • Once the installation is done Open the App
  • At first, it might ask for some permissions, simply just grant those permissions.

Allow Permission For WPA WPS TESTER

  • Now, a security disclaimer will appear and agree that as well.

Wifi Hacking App

  • You are on the main screen of the App now. If no WiFi Networks appear on the page click on the Reload button from the top bar and wait until fetches all data about the nearby WiFi Connections.
  • Now, tap on a WiFi Network, into which you want to connect your device.

Hack Wifi Easily

  • Now, a popup will appear and the process for finding the password will start.

wifi hacking

  • Wait for a while until the app grabs the Network Password.

The time is taken to find the password of a particular WiFi Network will depend upon how complex the password is. If the password is something like 123 or abcd, then the app will hack wifi network in less than 5 seconds. But if the password is a combination of a different string including Lower and Upper case characters, Digits, Symbols, etc. It’s gonna take a lot of time. So, Please bear that in mind.

Once the app finds the password or network key of the particular WiFi, it will automatically connect to it. and also whenever you are in range it will automatically connect to the network. Meaning that you don’t need to do it every time to connect

A little bit about WPS WPA TESTER

If you don’t know more about the app WPS WPA Tester, then let me just briefly outline what it is.

One might wonder how is it possible that such a Hacking App is available in the Google Play Store? Actually, WPS WPA Tester is not a WiFi Hacking Application instead it is a WiFi Network Vulnerability Checker. This App will help you to find whether your WiFi Network is vulnerable to security issues and how easy or hard is it to find the password using brute force attack or dictionary attack. But, a majority of the people still consider and use this app as a Wifi Hacking App for Android.

Connect to WiFi Without Password using WPS Switch

Now, let’s discuss the second method that one can adapt to connect to wifi without a password. But this method requires you to have physical access to the Router or WiFi Modem. In the above-mentioned method you are not required to have physical contact with the modem or router, But for this trick to work you will need to have access to the Router.

Once you have access to the router or modem then you are all set to go

  • First of all Turn on WiFi on your Device.
  • Make sure that you can find the nearby connection in the network panel.
  • Now, check the backside of the Modem or Router and you will see a button called “WPS” button
  • Just click on the button
  • At the same time, try to connect to the WiFi network in your Device.
  • It will automatically connect to wifi in less than a minute without entering a password.

So, this is how we connect to any wifi network without the password if we have access to the Router or Modem itself.


Hope you guys found a working method to Hack WiFi and connect to it without having the need to type it. The app will do it all by itself. All you want to do is just download the app from Play Store and let the App do rest. In another way, this exact same app can be used as a WiFi Network Vulnerability checker. You can analyze your connection with the app and see if it able to crack it so easily. If yes, then you might want to change the password quickly.

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