Hacker Stolen Data Of 73 Million User Records; Up For Sale On Dark Web

shinyhunters leaks 73 million data records

A hacker group ShinyHunters claims to have leaked data records of about 73 million users. This is the same group behind the TokoPedia data breach that occurred a couple of weeks ago. Initially, the group leaked information of 15 million users and later made the data of 91 million users available for sale in the Dark Web for $5,000.

The hacker has leaked information from 10 different companies and added the same to the Dark Web for sale.

The 10 companies are Online dating app Zoosk with 30 million user records, Printing service Chatbooks with 15 million user records, South Korean fashion platform SocialShare with 6 million user records, Food delivery service Home Chef with 8 million user records, Online marketplace Minted with 5 million user records, Online newspaper Chronicle of Higher Education with 3 million user records, South Korean furniture magazine GGuMim with 2 million user records, Health magazine Mindful with 2 million user records, Indonesia online store Bhinneka with 1.2 million user records, and the US newspaper StarTribune with 1 million user records.

All these 10 companies combined contribute about 73 million data of individual users.

As of now, the data is up for sale and one could get the entire 73 million data for $18,000.

The hacking group is found to be authentic, as per the research done by ZDNet, it seems that the obtained data records are true. The hacker sent a sample of the leaked data and ZDNet verified the authenticity and found some legit user records.

It is also believed that ShinyHunters has some sort of affiliation with Gnosticplayers, the team behind a massive data breach worth half a billion user credentials that took place last year

Many cyber research firms like Cyble, Under the Breach, ZeroFOX, and Nightlion Security have confirmed that ShinyHunters claims are true and the data contains information from all the 10 companies listed above.

Ajay Varghese
Ajay is an active cybersecurity analyst and helps companies find and fix bugs and vulnerabilities. He is an ardent fan and power Linux user. His area of expertise includes Linux and Cybersecurity side of things.