Hackers are using Coronavirus Maps to Spread Malware

coronavirus map malware

Cyber Security Experts have found a good number of fake Corona Virus Map that Hackers use to infect your computer or smartphone device with malware that is capable of stealing passwords and doing other malicious stuff.

As everyone is searching for the latest update about Corona Virus Spread, Hackers are using this scenario to spread their malware codes via these kinds of websites. No doubt, there are several legitimate sites that are 100% safe and secure. But, it’s not that easy for common people to differentiate between a safe site and a hacker site trying to steal your passwords.

Several national and international organizations have set up a dashboard where users can keep track of the COVID-19 virus spread across the globe. Now, Hackers have found another interesting way through which they can send malware to visitor’s computers.

Hackers are trying to steal user’s credit card information, passwords, address, emails and other personal info stored on your Web Browser through these Fake Coronoavirus Maps.

How does Malware get into our computer?

People all around the globe want to stay updated with the latest news about Coronavirus. There are some official maps that show which all countries or regions are affected the most, etc. In this context, Hackers created fake coronavirus maps and shared the same to the Internet.

When people search for a Coronavirus map, some websites by hackers ask the users to download a portable software. It is a .exe file and need not be installed on our Computer. Upon opening the exe file, the malware will get activated immediately.

The activated malware will steal information from your Web Browser like Passwords, Email, Username, and even credit card information.

Legit Coronavirus Maps

There are several legitimate websites that provide us with information about Coronavirus and affected regions with total affected people count and death count.

Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Map

The New York Times COVID-19 MAP

tnyt corona virus map

Above mentioned are two reliable maps that can be used to track the spread of novel Coronavirus and it impacts all around the globe. Be sure not to download any sort of application in this particular topic. Only visit authentic websites for the map and do not enable any permissions that the website is asking for unless you are sure about what you are doing and the authenticity of the site itself.

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