Hackers Are Using Zoom App to Install Malware on User’s Device

hackers using zoom to spread malware

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing services these days. During the Coronavirus quarantine period, Zoom has seen a sudden rise in the number of users and got popular in no time. At the same time, lots of security flaws were also found in the Zoom service.

A new report suggests that Hackers are reportedly using the Zoom app to spread and install malware on users’ computers or laptops.

As per a report by MicroTrend, at first, the hacker makes the user download the Zoom app from third-party websites which comes with the malware bundled in it. The installation file from the third-party websites includes RevCode WebMonitor RAT.

WebMonitor RAT is used by hackers to create a backdoor on the user’s computer and could perform various tasks like spying all activities, capturing screenshots, screen recording, view the full session, keylogging, etc. This will even take over the control of webcam (if any) and tries to steal personal information as well.

The hackers are using various channels to spread the infected Zoom app. They are sending the links via a Phishing email campaign. As soon as the user installs the Zoom app, the RAT gets installed alongside.

The RAT will terminate itself if it is executed in a virtual environment. So, it will make things difficult for security researchers and users to identify anything.

As per the report, it is also noted that the version of the Zoom app supplied by them is v4.6 and not the current version which is 5.0. Anyone who wants to download Zoom or any other software, everyone is recommended to download it from the official website or legit sources.

Zoom has seen a massive increase in the number of users and it is because educational institutions started taking online classes and work from the home campaign in the IT sector. All these make the hackers choose the Zoom app as their target because a lot of people will install it.

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