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Here is the AI Predicted English Premier League Final Table

english premier league results predicted by ai

Every single global and national sports event and pretty much every other event are canceled due to the Coronavirus lockdown and the same is the case with English Premier League. It is a very disappointing moment for every soccer lovers out there. An AI software has predicted the English Premier Final results and you can find them below.

The results were published by a Soccer stats firm, Opta. They have analyzed the match results for the last 5 years to predict the match results for this year. And at the end of the results, Liverpool won the title with a 99.9% probability. Several other stats like attacking and defensive qualities of every team and everything of that sort was also taken into account for calculating extra weightage. After calculating a series of other stats and difficulty levels, Opta calculated the final results.

English Premier League – AI Predicted Results

1st: Liverpool – 101 points

2nd: Manchester City – 80 points

3rd: Leicester City – 67 points

4th: Chelsea – 63 points

5th: Manchester United – 61 points

6th: Tottenham Hotspur – 58 points

7th: Wolverhampton Wanderers – 56 points

8th: Arsenal – 56 points

9th: Sheffield United – 55 points

10th: Everton – 50 points

11th: Burnley – 49 points

12th: Crystal Palace – 49 points

13th: Newcastle United – 46 points

14th: Southampton – 44 points

15th: West Ham United – 39 points

16th: Brighton & Hove Albion – 37 points

17th: Watford – 36 points

18th: Bournemouth – 36 points

19th: Aston Villa – 32 points

20th: Norwich City – 29 points

These results were only published after running the simulations for about 10,000 times and came to a final probability of winners.

After all, this is just an AI predicted results and in the real world anything would have happened. These results were published by taking the previous 5 year’s team performance, stats, profile, etc. Sometimes football is an unpredictable match for a general overview that takes these results.