Here is Xiaomi’s New Design Patent To Get Rid Of Notch

Xiaomi patent flip design

In an attempt to increase the screen-to-body ratio of their upcoming smartphone, Xiaomi has come up with a new design patent in China.

Almost all manufactures try to attain maximum screen to body ratio. Notches, Hole punch displays, and pop-up selfie cameras were introduced with this in mind.

Now Xiaomi has come with yet another solution for this. This time it is kind of a weird design that shows how we can get maximum screen-to-body ratio by using a mechanism that flips the top part of the smartphone.

Xiaomi registered the new design patent with the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA).

The new design from Xiaomi comes with a screen in which the top part can be flipped. In this design, the back camera could be flipped to the front and used as a selfie camera.

You can get a much better idea by seeing the illustration above. The top part of the screen can be revolved and the back camera acts as the front camera as well. We have seen a camera flip mechanism in the Asus 6z and patent from Huawei in which there is a display to the back of the device.

When the camera is flipped to the front to selfie mode, the top part of the display will act as a secondary display on the back.

This is a weird concept but looks interesting. Xiaomi might be planning to introduce phones with this feature in the future.

Not all patented designs have made it to the final version. So we are not sure if this will be used for a real phone. By looking at the illustration, I doubt how reliable will this design be. Anyways let’s see how Xiaomi implements the same on their smartphones.

The new patent from Xiaomi was first spotted by the Tiger Mobiles website.

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