Best 3D Hologram Apps for Android – [Must Try]

Holograms apps for Android lets you use your smartphone as a hologram projector or to view hologram content on your smartphone itself. You might have seen HUD type and different hologram content on sci-fi movies. Hologram apps help us to stimulate the exact same kind of content on our smartphones.

There are different types of hologram apps available for Android. Some come as a hologram projector for Android while others let you view hologram content in 3D. Just go through the list and find some awesome Hologram apps for Android to spend your quality time on.

hologram apps for android

Hologram Apps for Android

There are different types of Hologram apps in the list given below. One might be entirely different from others, so go through all of them.

Vyomy 3D Hologram Projector

This app for Android is a 3D hologram projector. With this app, you can turn your phone into a hologram projector and you only need a transparent plastic sheet. Apart from downloading and installing this app, there is one more additional thing you need to do.

vyomy hologram projector

You need to create a structure like one given in the image below using transparent plastic sheets. Just cut 4 equal pieces, connect everything like in the image and you are all done. Open the app, play the video and place this plastic sheet on top of the screen and you can see the 3D hologram projection. Tons of 3D hologram videos are already available on YouTube, so you could play them and experience 3D Hologram.

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Holo is an amazing app for both Android and iOS that helps us to create some stunning hologram images and videos. This app helps us to add real people from the real world into a virtual hologram world. You could then click pictures or even record videos and then share it with friends. Holo uses Augmented Reality technology to make this happen.

holo app

The Hologram editor on the app lets you edit the character, position, and make it look real. The library of the Holo app comes with many virtual locations where you can place your photos and create some really cool 3D hologram effect.


Keyboard-Hologram Neon Theme

The next one on our list is a Hologram theme-based keyboard app. You might have already seen some fancy futuristic keyboards on movies that look really cool with that neon lighting effects and sound effects. This app lets you entirely change the look and feel of the keyboard on your Android device.

hologram keyboard

If you are bored with the current keyboard app installed on your smartphone then definitely give this app a try as it looks really cool.

Hologram Keyboard

Holapex Hologram Video Maker

Are you looking for an easy to use Hologram maker app for Android? Holapex is a hologram video maker app for Android to create hologram videos using photos. With the Holapex app, all you need is just an image, and the app will create the hologram video for you.


Once you make the video and export it, you can use any homemade hologram to view it in realtime. This app makes it extremely easy for you to create hologram videos without coding. With this app, you can create both videos as well as photos.


AR Photo Editor – Jarvis Hologram

This is a futuristic photo-editing application that helps you to add stuff like HUD, etc to your photos. If you have seen movies like Iron Man then you might already know what is a HUD and how it looks. Once the AR Photo Editor app is installed on your device, you can import your favorite photo and then add Jarvis and sci-fi elements to edit your photo. There are tons of templates, frames, brushes, holographic stickers, etc to make your edit stand out.

ar photo editor

This app only comes with this sort of holographic effect. So in short, this is only a good photo editor if you want to add holographic effects to your photos.

AR Photo Editor

Hologram Viewer

Do you want to view any photo on your smartphone in a holographic manner? This Hologram Viewer will help us to easily view any image on our phone in the hologram effect. The editing and processing part will be done by the app itself. In order to view the image in the hologram effect, you need to make a homemade hologram viewer using transparent plastic sheets. It is not that hard to experience Hologram content on your smartphone, you also no need to spend huge amount of money on hologram devices either.

hologram viewer

The app is freely available on the Google Play Store.

Hologram Viewer

Final Words

These are some really great Hologram apps for Android. There are different types of app for different purposes. Starting from Hologram viewer to hologram creator, everything is covered in this article. We will add and update more apps to the list once we find them. If you know some awesome hologram apps for Android that we missed in this article, do let us know in the comment section.

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