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Access blocked website fix

There are many websites on the Internet, but some of them are against certain countries rules and regulation, In this case, your Internet service Provider or ISP will block access to certain websites which are against their rule.
However, even if your ISP has blocked such sites, There are still some methods we can adopt to access the blocked website again.

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Recently In India, one of my favourite movie downloading site was blocked, and whenever I tried to visit such website they showed me an error like this:

“Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.”

So, Today in this article I will share a couple of tricks by which you can access the blocked website again from your same Internet service Provider.

Using Proxy websites:

This is the easiest way to access blocked websites from anywhere in the world.This kind of website itself acts as a web browser, all you want to do is to go to any proxy website mentioned below, enter the URL of particular blocked website that you want to access and hit on surf button.

There are tons of Proxy websites, few among them are:

  • (Most popular)

Using Browser Extensions:

You can access blocked website using some web Browser extensions too.All you want to do is to download any Proxy extension for your web Browser, install and activate it on your Browser.Next time when you want to visit a blocked website, all you want to do is to enable the extension by clicking on the icon next to the address bar.Now all set you are ready to surf the blocked websites.

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Those are the most popular easy methods for accessing a blocked website by your Country and ISP.Anyway, there are also many another method that I didn’t mention in this article, one of them is by:

  • Changing the IP Address and using a different one.
That’s all for this article guys, Do share your valuable feedbacks below in the comment section.

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