How To Add Invisible Hidden Alexa Site Stats Widget In Blogger

Alexa stats is one of the best way for scaling a website’s popularity and world wide global ranking.However the method in which Alexa scales a Website’s ranking is not good at all.
The reason behind no Alexa rank for your blog is, You are not adding Alexa Widget.There are 6 types of Alexa Widgets to Select from

Reason BEHIND ….

You know that adding a Alexa Site Metrics  certificate widget in your blog will surely increase your Alexa rank too, But what if you have a bad ranking ?

Suppose a visitor visited and saw your blog’s Alexa rank and if it is above 90k then surely the visitor won’t find it as a good site.

But what if you want to do get a good alexa site stats by presenting Alexa widget in your blog without showing it to your blog readers ?

Today in this article i’m going to discuss about this topic.Making a slight change in the normal Alexa widget code will do the rest for you

Let’s Start

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Add a Gadget

Select HTML/Javascript widget

Now paste the below given code with required changes

<a style="opacity: 0;" target="_blank" href=""><script type='text/javascript' src=''></script></a> 

Changes To Make :

Now replace with your blog URL(totally two times)

Now hit on the save button

That’s it now we have added an invisible hidden Alexa site stats widget to our blogger blog,Which will hide Alexa widget from our blog but still will help in growing our Alexa stats.

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