How To Add Review Markup Stars On Blogspot Blog Posts easliy

Friends haven’t you seen some websites with nice orange coloured mark up star when you search for a review of some products.Ya this mark up stars indicates the score given by the reviewer for the particular products it may a software a hardware too.You can also add this beautiful Mark up stars on yuor website for your reviewed products.

The only think is that you should be genuine in order to display this start rating in your blogger post, user should not be confused with these star ratings that product is not genuine. So please make sure about this, now lets see how its done.

  • Go to >Blogger Dashboard >New Post
  • Now shift to HTML Mode >>
  • Now just add the below code and make changes as given


<style>.hreview{display:none}</style><div class=”hreview”><span class=”item”><span class=”fn”>SEMrush</span><br/></span><span class=”reviewer”>Reviewed by Astro Joseph</ span><span class=”dtreviewed”><span title=”2015-01-10“class=”value-title”></span><br/></span>Rating:<span class=”rating”>5</span></div>

Changes To Make

  1. Replace pink coloured word SEMrush with the product that you have reviewed
  2. Replace Blue coloured  Name Astro K Joseph with the name of the reviewer
  3. Replace Red coloured Date with the date that you have reviewed.The date given above is indicated by YYYY/MM/DD
  4. And here come’s the main thing,Replace orange coloured  “5” with the rating you want give,Do remember that rating is under 5
  • After doing all this thing save the post and check if it is online on Google Rich Snippit and press check button to see the preview.


After some,when google crawl your post the review mark up star too appear at bottom of your posts result.Hope this helped you a lot
Please do comment if you find this useful or any trouble issue

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