How To Add Review Markups Stars For Better Google Search Results

Google tries to present  better results in return for the users search on Google.And review Markup stars are part of it.i think that you all are familiar  with review mark up stars.While you search for a Review of a Product on Google or related sites you may notice some Yellow stars that represents the rating of the product given by the respective Reviewer.

Review mark up stars can be added to any Blog including Blogger,Wordpress and other Website Builders and Now in this tutorial we are going to check how to add review mark up stars on blogger blog  post

This is also known as the one and unique method to represent your rating of the particular product on  your blog.It’s not difficult to do this task all we want to do is to add  piece of HTML code with some editings

I have already added a tutorial on How To add HReview Markup stars on Your Website

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Why To Use Review Markups Stars in SERP

  • Through this you can increase your Search Engine Visitors
  • By this you can tell your readers,How effective the product is
  • You can increase Search Engine Ranking
  • Will get good reputation for your blog
  • Will help visitors to fond better results

How To Install It ?

  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard
  2. Open  the Blog you want to add the post
  3. Click on New Post button >>
  4. Now,Switch to HTML mode
  5. Paste the below given code with changes given
  6. Update or Publish Your post in your Blog
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<div class="hreview"> <span class="item"> <span class="fn">Product Name</span><br/> </span> Reviewed by <span class="reviewer">Reviewer Name</span>on <span class="dtreviewed">May 12 2013<span class="value-title"></span><br/> </span> Rating: <span class="rating">5</span></div>

Changes to Do

  1. Replace Product Name with the product you have reviewed 
  2. Replace Reviewer Name with Name of Reviewer
  3. Replace May 12 2013 With the reviewed date
  4. Replace 5 with your rating ,if you want to give rating as 4 and a half then change it to 4.5


Publish your post on your  blog and wait for google to crawl it usually takes 2 minutes if you have good ranking

How To Check This

Google has introduced Rich Snippets Tool which is for webmasters for previewing  how the post will appear on google search.But majority of bloggers still don’t know this method
Now, If you want to see your URL live DEMO that you did it correctly or not then open Google Rich Snippets Tool and enter your that post URL in the required input as seen in the screen shoot and click “Preview” to see the DEMO. If the rating words will appear under your post title it’s mean that you did it awesome. Now enjoy extra traffic.

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