How To Blur Personal Information in a Screenshot or Screen Recording

Looking for a solution to hide sensitive information while taking a screenshot or screen recording? Here's how to blur elements on webpage easily.

We all take a lot of screenshots the every other day, right?

When it comes to my side of things, I take a lot of screenshots of both personal as well as work-related tasks. Most of the screenshots that I take are within my web browser itself. Even while writing this article, I took more than 7+ screenshots.

You can’t just blindly take a screenshot and share it on the internet. There may be personal details or account information visible on the screenshots, which needs to be removed before sharing.

Well, that’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this article.

Introducing BlurWeb, a browser extension to hide sensitive information while taking screenshots.

How to blur sensitive information while taking screenshots?

Next time onwards, if you want to take a screenshot with personal or sensitive information hidden, just use the method given below.

Step 1: First of all, we need to install a browser extension called BlurWeb. This is a lightweight browser extension that will help us to take screenshots directly from any website and also gives us the option to hide sensitive information.

BlurWeb is available for Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Brave, and Firefox.

Head over to the browser extension’s page and click on the Add to Chrome button.

add to chrome

A popup will appear asking you to confirm.

Just click on Add extension button.

Step 2: Next, you need to activate the extension by entering the license key that you received on your email.

activate blurweb

After entering the license key, it will also ask you to enter the name of the device so that you can manage them later.

Once the setup is completed, you are all good to use it to take screenshots with information hidden.

Now use any screenshot software or built-on solutions to capture screenshots and the area you hidden will remain blurred.

You can find the full guide on installing and using the extension on different web browsers here.

How to blur sensitive information while recording videos?

Another interesting part about the BlurWeb extension is the fact that you can even record videos with sensitive information hidden or blurred.

As mentioned earlier, the extension will let you pick any element from a webpage and blur the same. As the extension have the ability to retain the blur as long as you want, you can easily capture videos.

Just follow the steps given above to blur any elements

Now open your favorite screen recording or streaming software and start recording with sensitive information hidden.

The blur will stay even if you scroll down the page.

Do keep in mind that the blur will disappear as soon as you refresh the page or click on the same element again while the extension is active.


As a blogger, I find the BlurWeb extension essential as it helps me to hide sensitive information from a webpage before taking a screenshot or screen recording for YouTube videos. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to hide information on a webpage before taking screenshot then definitely check out BlurWeb.

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