How To Change Permalinks Of A WordPress Blog Without SEO Lose

Changing the Permalink structure is not a complex task, I f failed it will create certain problems on SEO, and other broken link problems so when doing this task make sure you are not making any mistake.

Now you can also change Blogger post Permalink Structure

Some fellow blogger who don’t know the importance of Permalink will use the default permalink given at the time of  installation of wordpress.And when they realize the real use and problem using a low quality SEO they start researching how to change permalinks without any SEO and other broken links error.

What Is Permalinks ?

Before going in let me briefly explain what is permalinks and what kind of permalinks does search engines love.

Permalinks are part of our domain name which will appear after our Domain name. For example let you open a post yourself of your blog and the part that comes after your domain name is permalinks.There are many kinds of permalinks and even we can create new one.By default wordpress will have permalink structure with date and post name if you want then you can change it to date and post, Post name only, Category and Post name

The best permalink structure for Search engine are only with Post name that means no category, tag or date in permalinks only post name. This permalinks work good for SEO and for short post URL’s

Example : this is one of the permalinks structure Search engines do love

Here is a way to do this task without any SEO problems, Broken Links or damage to your existing Post

Before Using Plugin go to Settings  > Permalinks and change your Permalink into a new one that we want to use in the plugin’s destination field.

As you know for each and every task we do in wodpress we have tons of Plugins which will take care of such things like that today we are using one such Plugin called Simple 301 Redirects Plugin

How To Do It ?

First download and unbox the plugin in your wordpress blog.

Now in the space provided for request add your old permalink structure

And in destination space give your current and new permalink there

Finally save it you are done!

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