How To Change URL of a Existing blogger Blog Without Deleting It

Do you want to change the URL of your existing Blogger blog without deleting that blog.Then this article fits you perfect.Suppose you want to edit URL of your current Blogger blog into a new one, You don’t want delete or create a new blog for getting new URL and apply to your current blog.

As this is a simple tutorial just i’m not going deep but explaining it in short

1.Go to your Blogger Dashboard > Settings

2.Under Publishing Tab go to Blog address

3.Click on Edit option above the URL

4. Type your new URL

5. Click save 

Now enter the new URL that you created on to the Address bar of your Web Browser and see the change

As you change URL of your blog you might want to change the name too


3. Under Basic option click on edit button on the name of your blog in Title option

4. Now click on save

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