How to Get A Website/Blog Approved and Listed in Google News Tips & Tricks

How to get a website approved in Google News

Google News is one of the Largest Online sources for getting a large volume of Traffic to your blog.Few years back, there were only very few Publishers on Google News and getting an Approval was pretty much easy task.But now there are many sites in Google News for driving huge traffic to their blog or Website.Still now Google News acts as a good medium for Driving a lot of traffic to our Blog.

In this article, I will explain How to get your Blog Approved in Google News.Getting an Approval in Google News is not easy as the way you think If you follow all the steps clearly then chances are more.

Steps to Get your Website Approved in Google News:

1. Configure Important Pages:
Your Website should have an About Us, Contact, Author’s page, Media Kit and Privacy Policy pages.When writing an About page, be sure to include Names of all Authors and a small bio.
You can refer our About ,Contact, and Privacy Policy Page
2. Multi-Authored Website:
A single person will not be able to produce a lot of Content every day.So it is recommended to have 2-3 Authors to post various stuff in a single day.
3.Website Theme/Template
Website theme plays a major role in getting  Approved in Google News.The Theme you use in your blog must be Magazine style Theme with different sections for different  Topics like Technology, Politics, Entertainments etc.,
If you are a WordPress user then, you can download any Magazine styled theme and go ahead with that.You can also edit those themes as the way you want.
Have a look at Popular News Websites: TechCrunch | India Today | Times Of India
4. Sections and Categories:
Every News Websites should have Sections and Categories.Divide each Post into suitable Category and Sections, Because While applying for Google News they will ask you some Categories of your Website.
5. Publish good number of Articles per Day:
As per Google, You should at least post 3 Articles per day.Under my point of view, it won’t be sufficient.You should at least post 7-10 Articles per day.At the time of Approval, you can also increase the number of Articles per Day for more Approval chance.
6. Author Bio on Posts:
Author name on each Post is must, but Bio is optional, Adding Author Bio at the end of every Post will increase the Chance of Approval.It will also helps to maintain a Good relation with your Readers.
7. Grammer: 
Each and Every new application is manually Reviewed by Google News team.They will read few Articles posted in your Website.If they find some Grammer mistakes.Then they will surely Decline your Application.
If you are poor in English Language, then you can use help of some Online Grammer checker tools like Grammarly
8. Google News Sitemap:
Google News sitemap is little different from the sitemap which you have on your usual blog. A Google News sitemap will have only a maximum of 1000 URLs in the index at a time.
9.  Never post about Job Updates,How-To Guides, etc.:
This is one of the common mistakes that every people do. Posting about Job Updates, How to Guides, Notifications, etc. are completely against Google News TOS.
So if you have any Articles related to this topic, then immediately remove them before Applying for Google News.
If you follow all the above steps and have all requirements in your Website then getting a Google News Approval is not a Big Task.However, it will take some time to achieve it.
  • Once you are done with all steps mentioned above then head over to this page and click on Google News Publisher Centre  at the bottom of the page.It will take about 2-6 Days to know whether your Application is Approved or Rejected. 
Google news Site submission link
  • In case your Application is Rejected then, You should wait for another 90 Days to Re submit your Application So try the best in first Attempt itself.

Google News Site Submission form:

Google News site submission form
Do contact me if you need any help in getting your site listed on Google News,

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