How to Install,Configure and Setup BSNL Wimax

Wimax by BSNL Is known as India’s first wireless 4G Broadband Technology.This exclusive technology by BSNL, let you surf the internet at a high speed without any Landline connection or wires.

The best part I found using BSNL Wimax is that it don’t require any wires or landline connection for availing Wimax in your Home.

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The installation of Wimax is pretty simple and straight forward all you want to do is to fix the outdoor CPE given from BSNL office somewhere where there are no obstructions like Trees, Huge buildings etc.

Wimax Box Includes the Following:

1. WiMax device (Outdoor CPE – Customer Premise Equipment)
2. A PoE Adapter 
3. Network cables (One from CPE to Adapter and another one from Adapter to PC/Laptop or router)

How To Install WiMax:

Step 1: First off all Unbox the Outdoor CPE box and take CPE out.Now fix that CPE on your house/buildings rooftop or any other similar place where it receives more signal and there should not be any obstructions like huge trees, Tall buildings etc.You can use some kind of hollow pipes like GT Pipes and some clamps to make the CPE stand vertically.Once you have fixed the CPE turn it around and make it face to the Base Station Tower.

Step 2: Now take the power cord and connect it to the CPE and then the other end to the adapter’s PoE port
Step 3: Now take the normal Ethernet cable and connect it to PC/Laptop from the adapter
Now open your browser and go to and enter the password as admin.Once you have logged in to your Modem then o through the device status and make sure that you have good RSSI and CINR values.
Now wait for upto 5 Mins that Device will resolve every technical issues and connect to the internet.Once the internet is alive in your computer and you can go on using it.

Troubleshooting :

Try some of the below-mentioned tips if the internet is still not available
1. Before connecting it to the router first connect the cable from the adapter to PC/Laptop and configure it first and then connect it to a router
(I will update the article with new Troubleshooting tips when available)
Note: Even after many time also if the internet didn’t come, Do contact your BSNL Wimax representative and ask them for help or ask them to configure it for you.

Video Tutorial:


See how simple and pretty easy it was to configure BSNL Wimax for first-time use.Now you can surf over the internet with your new Wimax connection.

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