How To Make Single Name Facebook Account – 2017

As per Facebook, an account must have a last name with the first name.Today in this tutorial I will teach you guys how to create a  facebook account or edit the existing name to a single named account using a simple pro trick by IPEE world.

If you have already a Facebook account don’t worry I have also mentioned a trick by which you can change the name to a single named account.

Recently I Have also shared some facebook tricks like  Adding all friends to a FB group in a click, Invite all friends to like a page in a single click.

If you are creating a new Facebook account then just follow the first step and then from the language medium select Bahasa Indonesia. Then directly go to Facebook name place and Add only  one name and click save it will be all done perfectly.

Now read this article to find more about this trick and how to make use of this, Stay tuned.

First Step:

Step 1: Download Hola Better Internet VPN

Step 2:  Install the Hola extension in your Google Chrome or Firefox web browser

Step 3:  Now turn it on and select Country as Indonesia.

(If you have any other VPN services you can also use them or you can visit for more )

In Facebook:

Step 4: After installed the hola extension and make sure that it is working fine in

Step 5: Log In to your Facebook account.

Step 6: Go to account settings.

Step 7: Change your language to Bahasa Indonesia.

Step 8: Now go to accounts tab and click on the pencil button next to your Facebook account name.

Step 9: Now type the first name and leave the middle name and last name.

Step 10: After typing review your change and click on Save button

Step 11: That’s it, Now you have changed your facebook account to a single named one.

As I said earlier this is probably one of the best method available to make your account to single named one in Facebook.

Do remember, As per Facebook you should give your last name also.

Now if you face any problem then drop us a comment, We will catch you back at the soonest.

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