How To Mirror Your Android Screen To PC – Wifi, USB | No Root

Do you want to Mirror your Android Device screen to your PC over wifi or USB? If yes then stay tuned to this article to find How.

Sometimes there are situations, where you want to use your Phone content on your PC or TV, In this situation, we usually transfer the files to PC and then use it. Now with MirrorGo software you can easily Mirror your Android Device screen to your PC.

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We are using wifi and USB as a medium to do this, and also, this does not require any root access.

Before going in, we need a software for doing this.You can download it from the Link given below.

Now let’s Start.

Some Features of MirrorGo:

Download  Link:.

You can download MirrorGo software from their official website.

Link: Official website

How To Mirror?

Step 1: Download MirrorGo software from the Link given above.

Step 2: Install it.

Step 3: Once Installed, Open it.

Step 4: Now adjust the screen Resolution of your choice or leave setting default.

Step 5: Now connect your Android Phone to your PC using USB Cable or wifi.

(If you are connecting via wifi then, Make sure that both the PC and Phone is connected to same wifi network.)

(If you are connecting via USB Cable, then make sure that USB Debugging is enabled on your Phone.)

Step 6: Wait for the setup.

Step 7: Once done, the Mirroring process will start

Now whatever things you do in your Phone gets reflected exactly in your PC, You may Play a game, watch a Video, or even chat with your Friend.

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  • We also have some additional options like Recording screen, Take a snapshot etc.

Final Words

Hope you guys find this Tutorial useful.This is one of the best methods for mirroring your Android Screen to PC or Laptop.

By Mirroring your Android screen to PC/Laptop you can experience a large screen preview of your Smartphone screen.

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Now you can watch games or play movies in your Smartphone and view it on your PC.Laptop

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