How to Root/Unroot Android Device In One Click Without PC

Hi, guys, Today in this article I will show you How to Root and Unroot almost any Android Device without PC In a single click.

Sometimes you ant to root your Android Device for various needs like installing Apps that require Root permission and also to install custom ROM and all.If you don’t have enough knowledge about Rooting your Android Device then this guide will definitely help you.

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In this article, you will also find How to Unroot your Android Device after successful Root.So once you have rooted the device and your needs are finished then you can revert the changes back and unroot your Android Device.

Rooting Process?

By Rooting your Android Device you gain a super user access to your smartphone or Android device and you can customize it according to your needs.Once the rooting process is completed,  you can get around any restrictions that your manufacturer may have applied.And also you can perform various tasks like Installing Custom ROMs, You can do overclock or underclock your device’s processor.

Risk of Rooting

Do remember Rooting your Android device will void your Phone’s warranty so be careful about that.

Prepare your Device

Make sure that your Android Device has at least 60 percent of Charge remaining and

  • Disable Antivirus if any.
  • Backup important files and contacts (If anything goes wrong)

Download Framaroot

Framaroot is an Android Application that allows you to root your Android Device in a click without any help PC or Laptop.So first download the application from the link given below

How To Root Your Android Device?

Step 1: Download and Install Framaroot in your Android Device from the link given above.
Step 2: Step 2: Once installed, Open framaroot.
Step 3: Now you will see it asks you to select an action to execute after root, select InstallSuperSu.

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Step 4: No select any one exploit from the list.Once exploits execution is completed it will ask you to reboot your device.
Step 5: Step 5: Reboot your Device.
Step 5: After reboot, If root process failed to change the exploit mode and try again.
Now install RootChecker from Play store to check whether your Android device is rooted or not.

How to Unroot your Android Device?

To unroot your android Device then just follow the below-given instructions:
Step 1: Select Unroot instead of any other execution.
Step 2: And do the same process as we did earlier.
Step 3: Now after reboot, Uninstall SuperSu if not already uninstalled.
That’s it, guys. Now, you have rooted your Android Device
Now, if you have any problem/feedback do drop us a comment in the comment section

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