How To Set Up Feedburner For Your Blog

As a free option Feedburner is a good medium for e mail subscription and  e mail delivery time.Any new users comes with a new blog my first choice for them will be to use Feedburner as their mail subscription platform.As compared to Premium e mail services you will miss many things that Feedburner does not have.But for a free mail subscription service Feedburner is quite good.
Twitter is also another micro feed you can use. 

Blogger to set up RSS feed, Feedburner is a must have thing.The best part if found is you can send as many as newsletter e mails to your subscriber without any limit.Feedburner does not a have a minimum number of users you can keep in your subscription option,You can add as many as subscriber to your e mail subscription.

My advise to new bloggers is to start feed your blog from the first day itself.

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How To Feed ?

Blogger/Blogspot users will be already having a free Feedburner subscription when you start the blog.If you have a custom domain then you use below given step.

For wordpress users you should create one manually.

Lets Do It.

1. Open Google Feedburner page and log in to your Google account..In the space provided for typing your blog URL type your complete blog address or your blog’s Feed URL.If you don’t have any post in your wordpress blog simply create a test post

2.For Blogger users now there comes some structures of feed select yours and click next

3. For wordpress users select the first option that would be

4. In the next page they will ask ou to enter your feed Name give your Blog name there and click next

5. On the next screen you will get confirmation letter saying your feed is ready

Now you have successfully created a feedburner feed for your wordpress/blogger blog

For WordPress users you need to install a plug in FD Feedburner Plugin, and redirect your wordpress’s default feed to your newly created feedburner feeds.Simply configure plug in as your need and redirect it to Feedburner feed.

Now you can set delivery time, Add subscribers, Below given some articles will help you a lot

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