How To Setup Custom Domain On Blogger With GoDaddy

We all know that as default Blogger is giving only a sub domain as our blog’s URL it may look like where yourdomain is the sub domain and is the domain name.So what will you do if you get start earning with your blog ? Definitely you are going to change your blog address to a custom domain name like  like and so on

Today in this tutorial i’m going to show you how to setup a custom domain for your blogger/blogspot blog with Go Daddy

Go Daddy is the world’s largest domain selling company. Many bloggers like me use Go Daddy for both domain and Hosting services, their features and pricing are too good and any normal blogger can afford their pricing.

Setting up a custom domain for your blogger blog with Go Daddy is not a difficult task

Let’s Start

On Blogger

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings under your blogspot domain name you will find an option called setup a 3rd party URL for your blog, Click on that

Now you will get small box to type your newly bought domain name there, When adding domain don’t forget to add www. before your Address. Type instead of

Now click on save, Now will get two records copy that or keep this windows do not close this windows we need this record for further needs.

On Go Daddy

Now go to and login to your account(If not purchase a domain HERE)

Then under Domain section click on Manage

Then click on the small arrow button next to the domain name and click on Manage DNS option

Now you will be listed with many columns for adding various records,

Now click on the option Add Record
Now in the Pop up appeared click on CNAME(Alias) option
On host field type www and in points to type
Then click on add another and now type the second code we get from them in this manner and click save
Now you will get a warning box asking do you want to save this now click on Keep Changes 
Now again click on Add Record option and select A(Host)
And Add @ in the host place and add Below given IP Address in the place of Points To :
IP Address :

Do remember you need to add all this IP Address in different host records, Like what we done above
Now again in the warning box click Keep Changes
Wait for 60 seconds
Back On Blogger :
Now click on save button and your domain will get routed to Blogger
Then click on edit option next to the custom domain name in blogger and click on the redirect option to make your visible in both and
Click save finally it’s done 

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