How To Share Apk,Zip,Doc etc. Files On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used smartphone Messenger App in the world.We daily use WhatsApp for various needs like Chatting, Calling, Broadcasting and of course for sharing files like Images, Videos, Audios.But Have you ever thought about sharing files like Apk, Exe, Doc, Rar, Zip, Pdf etc., If Yes, then stay tuned to this article.

Sometimes, we wanted to share Apk ,Doc, Pdf etc file to a friend, In this situation, most of us use a native method like Mailing or by using Hike Messenger. It will be cool if we use WhatsApp for sharing such files ? Right.

Today in this Article, I will be sharing one unique method to share above mentioned file through WhatsApp in free of cost.

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With that all being set, Lets quickly jump into the tutorial.

How To Share Any Files On WhatsApp

Step 1: First of all Download DropBox in your Phone, and create a new Account or Log In to your Exiting Account.If you don’t have DropBox with you then download it from the link given below.
Step 2: Download CloudSend App from the Link given below and Install it. After Installing it go through the app and at the end Give Authorization to the App.
Step 3: Once you have given permission to our DropBox folder then a folder called CloudSend will be automatically created.Once done Close the App.
Step 4: Now Tap and hold on particular file you want to send 
Step 5: From the pop-up box, select share and Choose CloudSend.
Step 6: Wait until the selected file is uploaded to CludSend folder in DropBox.The duration of uploading will depend on the size of the file.

There are no Limitation regarding the Files size and type, you can send any file type with any size.

Step 7: Once uploading is done, you will get 2 option, Share, and Copy.Choose Share option.

Step 8: Now on the Share Popup tab, click on WhatsApp.
Step 9:Once you have selected WhatsApp, It will ask you the contact to which the file should be send, Tap on the particular contact you want and you are done.
And now the particular file will be sent to the particular Contact.
I hope you like this method to share zip, pdf, apk and other files on WhatsApp. Don’t forget to share it with others.

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