How To Stop/Disable Windows Updates In Windows 10

Microsoft has released their New version of Windows “Windows 10” which you may have heard before.Windows 10 is good challenging Version of windows from  Microsoft which gives good performance speed, easy to use multiple desktops etc are the features that make Windows 10 more good

If you don’t have Windows 10 with you can do download it from Microsoft’s official website or Download the activated version of Windows 10 2016.

Like every Windows, Windows 10 also have an option called Automatic Update.This option is really helpful for users who have High-Speed Broadband and people with the limited net connection will suffer a lot with this option.Windows 10 will automatically update your Windows 10 up to date.So toady in this article I will show you how to Disable to Stop Windows Updates from Windows 10

Let’s Start

1. Stop Updates From Service Options

Step 1: Go to Control Panel

Step 2: Now go to Administrative Tools option

Windows Update Off Control Panel

Step 3: Now click on the Services option

Windows Updates Off Service Tools

Step 4: In this windows you will see all running windows process

Step 5: Now scroll down and find an option “windows update service” and turn off it

Windows Update Off Tool

Now  let’s check how to turn off it.

Step 6: Now right click on the option and click on Properties

Step 7: Go to General Options

Windows Updates Off windows tab Properteis

Step 8: Now look for Startup Type option and turn it off by clicking on Disable button

Step 9: Then click on Stop button on Service Status tab

Step 10: Then click on the OK Button

That’s it Windows 10 automatic updates feature has been disabled and no more Internet will be used to update the windows files.

2. Stop Updates From Network Options

If you have limited Internet Connection  and if you want to Disable automatic Updates Windows 10 has an  amazing option called metered internet connection.With this option, you can turn off Windows and other Applications updates

Now, to set your Metered Internet Connection  follow the steps.

Step 1: Open Setting App

Step 2: Now select Network & Internet option

Windows 10 Updates off Netwrok and Settings option

Step 3: Now scroll down and click on Advanced Options

Windows 10 Updates Adavanced Options

Step 4: Then select Metered Connection option

Windows Update off Metered Connection on

Step 5: All Done! No more automatic updates

This is the some of the working method by which you can turn off your Automatic update option from your Windows 10 OS.

But, Do remember that when ever a new Service update is Available your System won’t recognize it and leave it

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