How To Transfer Files Between PC/Laptop and Smartphone via WiFi Using Shareit

It will be very difficult to transfer files from PC to SmartPhone and Vice versa using our usual USB Cable and also it will be very slow.In this case, we can use wifi as a medium to transfer files between PC and smartphone.

Today in this article I will show you guys, How you can transfer files between your PC/Laptop and Android,iOS,Windows Phone through wifi.

For this purpose, we are using the software called Shareit,You need both Windows Version and Smartphone version installed in both devices to transfer files between them.You can download Shareit for both PC and Smartphone from the link given down below.

How to transfer files via Wifi between PC and Smartphone?

Step 1: Download Shareit for PC from HERE.

Step 2: Download Shareit for your smartphone from HERE.

Step 3: Install both the App in your PC and smartphone.

(Now make sure that your PC and smartphone are connected in same wifi network, You can create a wifi hotspot on your PC and then connect it to your smartphone either.)

Step 4: Now open Shareit on your PC.

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Step 5: Click on “Click here to connect to the phone” option

Step 6: Open Shareit in your SmartPhone.

Step 7: Click on the three dot icon on the top left the corner.

Step 8: Click on scan to connect

Step 9: Now scan the QR code appeared in Shareit for PC with your smartphone.

Step 10: Once connected, transfer files as usual

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That’s it now you have successfully connected your PC to your smartphone using wifi through Shareit.
See how simple it was to share files between PC and smartphone through wifi using Shareit.Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial.Comment below for additional help.

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