How to Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts in a Single Android Phone (NO Root Required)

Hi guys, Today i came up with a really interesting WhatsApp trick, By which you can use 2 WhatsApp accounts in a single Android Smartphone.

The below given tricks to use 2 WhatsApp in a single Android phone does not  require any rooting of your device.

Nowadays, Almost all smartphones come with a dual sim feature in which, Users can use two SIM Cards in a single mobile.In most case one number will be official for your office works and other one will be for local purposes.Now in this situation what will you do to use your official and unofficial numbers both for WhatsApp for office and local purposes, Are you going to buy two phones for two different uses? Off course NO that’s why you are here to read this article to find How to use 2 WhatsApp on a single Android Phone

In this article i will be sharing two unique method for using 2 WhatsApp in Single Android Phone, Which does not require rooted android phone.

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Let’s Start

Method 1 : Using OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsApp is a android app, that let you run two WhatsApp on a single android devices which does not require to root your device.

1. Take a complete backup of your WhatsApp data and store it some were else

2.  Now go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp  and clear all Data by clicking on Clear Data option

3. Now Rename the existing WhatsApp directory /sdcard/WhatsApp directory to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp. You can use any Android File Manager or Any PC/Laptop for doing this

4. Uninstall WhatsApp from your phone

Download OGWhatsApp

5. Download and Install OGWhatsApp from the link given above

6. Once Installed, Do verify your old registered WhatsApp number with OGWhatsApp that’s it

(Now we have installed 1st WhatsApp account, Next is to 2nd account)

7. Go to Play Store or any mass website and Re-Install the original WhatsApp again.

8. Now register your another number with this downloaded WhatsApp and verify it with OTP sent

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Now we have created 2 WhatsApp account on a single Android Phone

Method 2 : For Android 5.0 Lollipop users

This trick is specifically for Android 5.0 Lollipop users.You can add multiple users in Lollipop based smartphones, So just make use of that

1. Go to Settings > Users and then add a new users

2. Now create a new user account with required details and set it up

3. Now switch to New User by pulling down the notification panel and click on new user icon

4.Once turned up, Your phone looks like out of the box with default settings.

5. Now install WhatsApp by going Play Store or with the setup you have

6. Create a regular account as usual

Congratulations! Now you have created 2 WhatsApp account on a single Android Smartphone without root or any Custom ROM.

This is the two easy way in which you can run 2 WhatsApp account on a single phone with 2 SIM Cards.The special highlight of this tutorial is that, Your phone is not required to root in order to apply this trick.

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Now go WhatsApp, Happy WhatsApping 🙂

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  • I use this app to share messages instantly, this is a cool hack without hacking my phone. It's that easy huh! You don't need a service to write me an essay on the many steps on how to use WhatsApp with multiple accounts. With just a few steps/tricks, you can start sending messages with just one gadget with two accounts.