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BlogSpot Team Has Added some new feature few months back.One among them is the Custom Permalink option.If we use the default Permalink option Provided blogger team it will create a permalink according to the name given to the post But when looking this permalink through SEO it makes a lot difference.

As if we have a  very long Blog title, by the default Blogger will be giving us permalink which contains unwanted words and will be very long.So for solving this problem today Ipee World is back with a tutorial which will make your blog more visible to Search Engine.

Custom Permalink

In simple words we can say that Permalink links are that appear just after your Domain name.

Here is an example Custom and Default Permalink 

You can see that in second example i have removes all sub Keywords and only used Major keywords which make more effective and also play a vital role in SEO

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Here in blogspot we have two sets of option under the main menu permalinks
one is “Default Permalink” and “Custom Permalink

When you start writing a blog post you may see some handy options for setting Label and other things One among them is Permalink option We have to do some changes to get custom Permalink.You may use the step below to get custom permalink

  • Open Src Editor  Dashboard>New Post
  • Type some title for blog post
  • Go to the permalinks sections (Refer the Screenshot)
  • Click on Custom Permalink
  • Type only the major keywords (for space use dash -)example below
Here we have two permalinks custom and the default Check how i had made  a custom permalink only using major keywords and avoiding the sub keywords

Default Permalink

Custom Permalink

Note – I would recommend you to not use underscores in permalink it gives you bad SEO 

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