How To Use Pendrive As RAM In Windows

You might have experienced some kind lag while running applications which requires a lot of Physical memory or RAM.It is quite expectable and nothing to wonder.

Your computer or Laptop get hanged or not respond to the command you give, the only reason behind this is an Insufficient physical memory in your PC.

Did you know that Pendrive can be used as Virtual RAMs? If No then read this article and find more about converting your Pendrive into a ram for a temporary use.

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  • Will speed up your PC.
  • Temporary Change anytime we can revert the changes.

How To Use Pendrive As Virtual RAM?

Step 1: Plug in the pen drive to your PC/Laptop.
Step 2: Format it and make sure that there are no files inside.
Step 3: Now right click and click on Properties
Step 4: Now Click on Readyboost tab

Step 5: Click on Use this device
Step 6: Select the size of virtual RAM you want

Step 7: Click Apply and Save

Now you have successfully converted your Pendrive into a RAM.

How To Revert Changes?

Step 1: Go to Properties of the pen drive

Step 2: Click on Readyboost

Step 3: Now click on Do not use this device option

Step 4: Now format your Pen drive!

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That’s it all changes has been reverted and your Virtual memory is now a pen drive.

Now I’m sure that your system will faster than before, Without no lag, Hang or not responding applications

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