How to Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number – [2022] Latest

Hi Guys, Do you want to use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number? This trick will show you how exactly you can use WhatsApp without Mobile Number. You can either use a fake Mobile Number and even without a Mobile Number from the trick mentioned below. So, with that all being set, let quickly jump into the tutorial and see How to Create WhatsApp Without Mobile Number.

With this trick, you can prank your friends and relatives by sending prank SMS, Calling them, etc without yourself revealing who you are. While using this trick, You are Anonymous in WhatsApp. No one can find who you are and even TrueCaller Cannot. I am sharing a couple of tricks below and I will surely update the article with the latest information whenever available.

Update – 5th method added – Recently we got some alternatives to the app which we used earlier. In method 5 we have shared a list of alternatives, so you can try those apps, too. Alternative Apps also does the same job that other apps do. If you don’t have enough Data Balance, then try method 1, method 1 does not require any Apps. So, No Downloads, No Installations. Now, let’s quickly jump into the article and find How To Use WhatsApp without Mobile Number. Complete Anonymous…!

WhatsApp Without Mobile Number Trick

Recently, in the WhatsApp category, we shared many tricks have a look at them, too.

Why You Need Fake WhatsApp Account

What about pranking your Friends, Family Members or any other relatives by sending them Prank Messages? It will be cool, right?

By using this trick you can send Funny Messages or All Information about a person to that person without revealing your real identity, Now that guy will think, Oh Who is this, He knows everything about me. But still, He/She is not able to find the real person behind this account.

You may think. He/She can use TrueCaller to find the Mobile Number and Names, But, Can’t. So, you guys are ready, right?

WhatsApp Without Mobile Number: SMS Verification

Below,  I am sharing the list of 4methodsd by which you can use WhatsApp without Mobile Number. The Trick mentioned below is 100% safe and secure.

Method 1: Airplane and Email Trick

(Note – I am receiving so many comments that this trick is not working. At the time of firstly writing this article, it was perfectly working and I have included the Screenshot as well. After so many comments, I tried it myself and saw it was not working. So, I can’t assure you that this trick will work. But Still, you can give it a try. Maybe, New updates in the latest version of WhatsApp have detected this trick.)

Step 1: Download WhatsApp and Install it on your Phone.

   Download WhatsApp

Step 2: Before typing your WhatsApp mobile number, Switch your phone to Flight Mode or Airplane mode.

Step 3: Now go to the WhatsApp installation tab.

Step 4: Enter your 10 digit Mobile number, You won’t get any notification message as your phone is on flight mode

Step 5: Now your mobile number is not verified with WhatsApp, So it will ask you to verify your identity by any other alternate method.

Step 6: Now choose ” Verify through SMS” option and enter your Email address

Step 7: Click the submit button and immediately tap on the cancel button

Step 8: Now you have to create a spoof message. You can create it using Spoof Text Message if you are an android user. If you are an iPhone user, you can use Fake a Message application.

Step 9: Now install the software according to your operating

Step 10:  Now go to inbox and send this to a fake number

Step 11: You can use the below-given details

From: + (country code) (mob number)
Message: Your Email address

Step 12: Now the verification will be sent to a fake number and that’s how the verification process is complete

Method 2: Use Fake USA Number Which Starts With +1 Country Code

The second method in our list to use the WhatsApp account without verifying your Mobile Number by verifying a Fake Number. And that Fake Number will be a USA Number which will be registered to you, How cool it is?

You are not required to have a USA Sim to do this, In this trick, we will register a US Sim in our Name virtually. Now let’s find what are the features of this trick.

Features of this Trick:

  • Free of cost
  • More Privacy
  • Create working WhatsApp account with +1 Country Code number
  • Create Fake WhatsApp account without Mobile Number
  • 100% Safe and Working

      WhatsApp Account With USA Number (+1)

 Method 3: Using Disposable Mobile Numbers

There are hundreds of websites that provide Disposable Mobile Numbers for OTP (One Time Password) verification. You can use any number provided them and verify your WhatsApp Account. These Disposable Mobile Numbers are just like Fake Mail Generators: Gmail Dot TrickDisposable Mobile Numbers

1. Visit any Disposable Phone Number Website from the below-given Links:

  Site 1         Site 2         Site 3        Site 4   

2. Select any Disposable Mobile Number you like

3. Enter the same number in WhatsApp

4. Now WhatsApp will send a Verification Code to this Number

5. Copy the Verification Number from the website

6. Type it on WhatsApp and Verify your new Account

That’s it you have successfully created a new WhatsApp account using Disposable Phone Number

Method 4: Verify WhatsApp Using Landline Connection

How about using WhatsApp with your Landline Connection number? Wondering How? See, How o do the same.

Now you might think that It is not possible to receive SMS in a Landline connection then How we will receive the Verification Code. Only if we have the Verification Code then only we can start using WhatsApp.

1. Download and Install the Official Version of  WhatsApp from the Google Play Store.

   Download WhatsApp

2. Install it and Open WhatsApp.

3. Click on Agree and Continue

4. Now, enter the Landline number and Select your country

5. Now, wait for about 2 Minutes. Now, the SMS Verification Process will be failed. It will show some alternate methods to verify your Number.

6. Click on the Call Now option to receive a call from WhatsApp to your Landline number.

7. Now WhatsApp will call you and tell you the verification code.

8. Type the same Verification code in WhatsApp and verify your Landline Number

9. Set a DP, Provide your Name and start using WhatsApp with your Landline Number.

So, that was simple, Wasn’t that easy?

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Method 5 – Alternate App to Verify WhatsApp Account

There are Apps similar to Primo for getting Virtual Numbers. You are not required to provide any kind of documents in order to get the Number. Those Similar Apps which you can use for getting WhatsApp Without Mobile Number.

  1. Voxox App
  2. Free Calling Apps To Make Free Calls to Any Number

The biggest advantage of using the above-mentioned trick is to hide our identity and be 100% anonymous. Anyone can’t find you unless you tell them that it’s you. No tracking software or Truecaller can fetch your Name. This is will really handy when you want to play a trick on your friend or prank them.

Final Words

So, Guys, these were the top 4 Methods for using WhatsApp without Mobile Number or verifying Mobile Number. Using this trick, you can prank your friends and family members by sending Prank SMS. Hope you guys enjoyed this article, Be sure to share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or anywhere you like. Comment Down below, your suggestions and doubts

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