How to Watch Torrent Movies without Downloading

Don’t want to waste time by downloading Torrent Movies into your computer? Then why not directly stream it on your PC without downloading. Yes, Man you heard it right!

Now you can directly watch or stream Torrent movie without downloading it.suppose you want to watch a movie  but don’t want to keep it on your computer, then why we want to waste time by downloading it.You can use a media player software called Rox Player for this.As in my review of the software, there is no problem regarding the quality of both Video and Audio, it like how it was uploaded.

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Rox Player is simply awesome, it’s great for all ussers.But the only problem is, If you don’t have a High-Speed Internet connection then there will be buffering.So if you have a slow Internet connection then this method won’t fit your need.

Now let’s get started.

Step 1: Download Rox Player from HERE.

Step 2: Install it and Open it in your computer

Step 3: Now go to any torrent downloading website and search for the particular movie you want to stream.

Step 4: Now copy the Magnet Torrent URL from there.

Step 5: Open Rox Player

Step 6: Click on File > Open with Magnet link

Step 7: On the pop up appeared Paste the copied magnet link

Step 8: Now it will start to stream the movie


If you already have the torrent file with you then you can just open that with Rox Player, to open

Step 1: Click on File

Step 2: And choose torrent file option

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That’s it guys.

Now you are streaming a torrent movie in your system without downloading it.But do remember this method only work for users who have high-speed Internet connection.If you have a slow connection there will be a lot of buffering.So be aware about that.

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