How To Watermark Your Logo In A Video File

Watermarking a video file is the best way you can protect it from other unauthorized distribution or editing.Watermark may be a text or a image logo of you website or company.There are tons of software available to do this task and here in this  article i’m going to show you the best way to add watermark to a video file through converting a video in Aimersoft Video converter

Benefits of adding Watermark :

  • Can protect from unauthorized reproduction, Distribution
  • Can prevent from editors being editing the video of you
  • Can increase reputation of your Company/Website
  • Another method of offline advertising
The process is quite simple and unique that any one can follow and do so .


Download the software to continue further
Windows Users ; (.exe)
Mac Users : (.dmg)
Download links are from Publisher’s Server
Lets’s Start
1. Download, Install and open the software
2.From the land page click on the button “Add Files”
Now browse and select the particular video file you want to add watermark
3.Now click on the “Edit” button near the video file in the dash screen
4.Now go to Watermark option from the topper navigation menu in the Edit window
Now you can see two methods of Watermarking Text and Image, If you want to add text watermark you select that option and type the text in the space provided, Now select the bold color and other basic options
Now if you go with Image option select that and click on the “+” sign, Browse and add your image file.
Only use transparent image for watermarking,How to make a image into a transparent one
Now drag and re position the image and select the opacity 
5.Now click on OK button 
6.Now select the output extension you want 
7.On the next window click on convert 
And now you will see that the video starts render out
See how simple it is 🙂

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