Huawei Ban in USA Extended until May 2021

Huawei US Ban Extended Until May 2021

It was back in May 2019 that President of the US Donald Trump issued an executive order restricting Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE working with American companies like Google or ARM.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump extended the order until May 2021. Initially, the ban was made stating that working with Chinese companies is a national security risk.

The new order does not aim at any specific company, but whole Chinese companies. As per the order made last year, Huawei was restricted from using Google Mobile Services in their smartphones. But the company managed to acquire a temporary general license from the Commerce Department to provide support for existing hardware in the country.

As of now, it is still unclear whether the temporary general license will be extended. There is no indication of the same from both Huawei and Commerce Department. Huawei got a series of extensions in May, August, November, and March, and the latest extension is about to expire on May 15th.

For the uninitiated, Google owns Android and as Google is a US company it is not directly allowed to work with Huawei, which is a Chinese company. As Android is part of an open-source project, the company is free to use it, but Google Mobile Service is proprietary from Google. So, all the smartphones that currently Huawei has come without Google Mobile Services or GMB. GMB includes various services like Google Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, etc.

Similar is the case with ARM Technologies, which is yet another US company and is not allowed to work with Chinese companies.

As per Reuters, it is most likely that the temporary general license will be extended on Friday, which will allow the company to further work with other US companies.

Following this, the Wireless Trade Association CTIA has urged the department to approve a long term extension, taking the current health crisis into concern.

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