How to Deploy Hybrid Cloud for your Business and its Usages

Deploy Hybrid Storage For Your Business And Why You Shouls

A lot of business depends on computing services that relay on servers and data centers. Especially the companies using ERP requires a significant number of the computing system to coordinate the data.

Here are the problem such companies face

  • Lack of fast computing environment
  • Data security
  • Reliable storage
  • Scalable environment

Microsoft Azure cloud services can solve all these requirements. Here in Microsoft Azure cloud, you can get a lot of benefits.

Azure Hybrid Cloud Storage

To use the cloud people can’t entirely change their environment within one move because of two reasons. One is Not belief in changing completely to the cloud as they don’t have an experience before.

The second is the on-premise resources will go waste if they migrate entirely to the cloud. These both problem can be solved with one solution, and the solution is the hybrid cloud.

Here in hybrid cloud, we are going to integrate our on-premises computing resources to the cloud. Microsoft has mentioned two ways to do that. One is the classic method, and other is resource manager.

Here we can talk about the resource manager model. Microsoft itself recommends it. In this model, you will connect your computing resources through the azure express route. You should have an active Azure account for this access.

Otherwise, if you don’t have any, create one to obtain the access. You can connect your co-located server, office server and WAN network to the Azure cloud.

If you have a co-located server, your service provider will give you layer 2 or layer three connections to the Azure cloud. If you need to connect your office computing resources to the cloud, you can connect it through layer 2 or layer three ethernet connection.

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Microsoft has two active edge routers to help the connectivity provider to connect their server directly to the data centre. To connect the express circuit, you should create an express route virtual network gateway.

If you had so many branches at different locations and connected all of them through WAN, then you can connect the entire WAN network to cloud like connecting your one another office.

Hybrid cloud gives the following solutions

Fast Computing Environment

Cloud provides you with the fast computing environment. You can always upgrade your resources at any time based on your requirement. Resources might be hardware or software. For your own computing system, you have to spend a lot of money to upgrade, and all your old hardware will go waste.

Finally, you will end up in not fully utilising the resources. Also if your company is small and grows rapidly, you have to expand your infrastructure to provide the facility to the employees. For that, it will take time and huge money.

When you deploy your infrastructure in the cloud, it will take less time and money. Also, you can fully utilise the resources.

Pay for usage

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You only pay for what you use in the cloud environment. There is no need to spend a single extra penny for not utilised resources. So the major benefit is cost savings, and you can use the money for any other business-driven activities of the company.

You need not use and throw your hardware’s often. Deploying virtual machine at cloud will let you use your system for a long period.

Large Data Process

You can handle large data efficiently through the cloud as it provides fast computing environment. The huge tasks like big data analysis require high configuration environment. For your own environment, it will be hard to deploy.

But this case differs for cloud where you will get instant access to fast computing environment to research and analyse your data to find business improvement factors.

Backup your data safely

Taking a backup of critical business data is important for all business. We can make a copy of data and store it in another location. But it is not enough for important business tasks. So you need a trusted storage. This is where the cloud comes to provide trusted data backup.

All your data will be stored safely at multiple locations and in the case of any failure and data loss, you can recover your data at any time. Cloud is the world’s best data backup option. Previously the big companies like Google, Facebook have their private cloud platform. But at that time, it was not available to the public. Now, it is easy for anyone to access the cloud.

So, make advantage of it.

At last, when you use the hybrid cloud for your business model, you can have the best productivity for your business. So go for it and make use of it.

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