Increase IDM Speed With IDM Optimizer – Boost Download Speed 2020

IDM Optimizer Helps us to Increase IDM Download Speed and skyrocket Download speed at least 3x. We all regularly use Internet Download Manager or IDM to download various files. We download Movies, Games, Softwares, etc. Most of us completely rely on IDM  to download large files that are above 4+ GB in size. If you want to Download Torrent Files with IDM, you can do that. Download Videos from YouTube, Download Videos from Facebook or any other Video Sharing Sites. These are some of the primary reasons why we all use IDM as our primary Download Manager. Again the Premium version has got a great lot of stuff that makes downloading just a piece of cake. This article will help you Double IDM Speed.

If not configured properly, IDM will not work as expected. If you go, Simply Install the software and start to Download files them, it won’t give expected Download Speed. By making little settings change to the default settings will skyrocket the download speed at least by 3 times. Sometimes even more. Without configuring it, If you start to download any file, it will only move like a snail, No matter, if you have good Internet speed, even. Add IDM Extension to Chrome.

IDM Optimizer is nothing, but a simple ready to use software which helps us to tune the settings of IDM Internet Download Manager to speed up download speed. I used IDM Optimizer to optimize Internet Download Manager Download Speed and initially, it was 1.7MB/s and after optimizing it with IDM Optimizer it rose as many as up to 4MB/s (Average 3.4MB/s)

IDM Optimizer Increase IDM Download Speed

IDM Optimizer to Skyrocket Download Speed

Now, you might think what exactly does IDM Optimizer does to Boost download speed in IDM. Here, the answer is quite simple. Here is what all happening:

When you use IDM Optimizer it creates some additional Registry Entries and Modifies certain existing registries as well. Changes made in the Registry Entry files of the IDM will result in a configuration change, as a result, you will be enjoying increased download speed.

The best ever IDM Booster Available is IDM Optimizer and let’s check How to use it

Below, I am sharing 2 unique ways to increase the Download speed of IDM, One by manually and another by using IDM Optimizer. First, I will share the IDM Optimizer Trick.

How To Increase IDM Download Speed with IDM Optimizer?

Step 1: Firstly, Download the Latest Version of IDM Optimizer from the link below

   Download IDM Optimizer

Step 2: Open the IDM Optimizer tool.

As it is an on the way Tool, you are not required to install it, Just open it.

Step 3: Now the IDM Optimizer windows open up.

You will see two different buttons in the opening window of IDM Optimizer. One is the Maximise button and the other one is used to restore the default.

IDM Optimizer to Increase Download Speed

Step 4: Click on the Maximize button.

Step 5: Now a pop up will ask you to Restart IDM

Step 6: Just Exit IDM and Open it again.

Now start downloading any files and you will observe at least a 25% increase in the Download speed of IDM or Internet Download Manager. It is the most simple method ever, to increase the speed of IDM without doing settings change. IDM Optimizer Tool will change all the settings for maximum results. I hope it increased your speed.

How To Revert Back?

If IDM Optimizer didn’t work as you expected and if you want to restore all the changes as like what it was, IDM Optimizer has another option as well.

To Revert the changes back:

  1. Open the IDM Optimizer tool again
  2. Click on the Restore button
  3. Now, all the settings will be restored to the global default.

In case the tool didn’t work for you as expected, Revert the changes back. Is IDM Optimizer didn’t help you, I am sharing the 2nd method, which is a Manual Settings Changes mode that we can use to changes the Settings all by yourself.

Settings For Maximum Download Speed – IDM

If you don’t want to use IDM Optimizer or the above tool didn’t work for you, then you can go with the Manual Settings Change option. In this method, we are going to make some tweaks to the default Settings to Increase the Download Speed of Internet Download Manager IDM.

The manual method is not as tough as you think, Carefully read the instructions mentioned below and refer the screenshot, Change Settings to Maximize Download speed.

  1. Open IDM or Internet Download Manager
  2. Go to Downloads > Speed Limiter and make sure that it is set to the “Turned Off” mode. If you are applying some Speed Limit, then you will only get the Download Speed as you set. If you want to get most out of your Internet Data, then enable this option.

Increase IDM Download Speed

3. Go to Downloads > Settings

Increase Internet Download Manager Speed

4. Click on the Connections tab and select Connection Type/Speed as “High speed: Direct connection (Ethernet/Cable) / Wi-Fi / Mobile 4G / other

IDM High Speed Settings

5. Click OK and restart IDM.

Task Manager Tweak

Another Method to Increase IDM Download speed is by limiting the Data Usage by other Softwares, Host Files, and Background Updates. Disabling those will speed up Download Speed in IDM.

While IDM, Host Files, Background Apps, and Updates are going on at the same time, there will be a lack of Speed issues. IDM Won’t get the maximum Speed in such case, we can limit the Data usage and make the conditions in favor of Internet Download Manager.

  1. Open Task Manager (Click Ctrl+Alt+Del and click on Task Manager to Right Click on the Taskbar and click on the Task Manager.)
  2. Go to Task Manager and see which apps are using the most Internet Data, disable or  turn off data for that particular app, Once the Download is complete turn it on again (If Required)

Similarly, If you Open any Software which Needs Internet Connection together with IDM, then there will be Speed Issue. If you want to finish the Download process faster close all the App that are using the Internet. Software like Web Browsers, Torrent Clients like Utorrent, BitTorrent, etc will drain the Internet when opened in the background.

IDM is the best when it comes to downloading files from the Internet. I am sure you will get the maximum speed of your Internet with IDM Downloader. I have been using IDM for years now and I have never looked back or searched for an alternative. The superfast downloading in IDM makes things easy and you can get your hands on to the file as fast as possible. If you want to make use of the full potential of your Internet speed when downloading files then my suggestion will be to use IDM and nothing else. Again, if you are about to download any sort of Torrent file then use Seedr and then download the torrent file via IDM.

Final Words

So, these are the top easy methods for Increasing Download Speed in IDM. IDM Optimizer is the most simple method you can adopt in order to increase the download speed. If IDM Optimizer failed to work as expected, then you can try any other two methods mentioned above. I recommend you to use the combination of both the three steps to get a maximum out of Internet Download Manager and Increase Download Speed.

The second trick applies to get your maximum out of the Internet Connection that you are using. We should always squeeze the maximum possible. I hope that helps.


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