Improve Your Alexa Rank What To Do and No

Here I’m going to share some tips that can improve your blog’s Alexa ranking a lot.This article consists of what to do  and what to don’t do. Alexa is one that determine websites Global and country based ranking and gives theme ranking position,This can help them to earn reputation for their blog.

Improving Alexa rank of your blog is one of the great dream, Achieving this is not a easy task it needs effort and good traffic.If you work great on your website then you can also achieve those things and make your blog reach a bit more

Do remember how Alexa works : It only counts when a visitor visited your blog who has installed Alexa toolbar in browser.


1. Update Your Blog Regularly

Frequently updating your blog with new post can help you attain a good alexa rank.Search Engine only love blogs that are regularly updated. Regularly  means you can post at least  3 Articles a Week, Which is quite good.In my case i will update my blog with 1 or more article a day totally 7+ in a week, This helped me a lot for boosting my alexa rank.My blog ( was registered on Sept 19 2015, Now the alexa rank i have is quite good.

Tools For Increasing Your Site’s Alexa Rank

2. Quality Content

Each time when you publish an article in your blog, It should have a good quality.Poor article without content and simply displaying something that is not related to that article will surely hated by readers.If you write a article about camera try to include some pictures great information and a link to manufactures website, Even if you are writing review about something add both pros and cons, Adding only pros and hiding cons will no get more readers, Always be true with your contents

Stop writing fake and spammy contents in your blog.Never write articles based on a fake incident or do not provide fake details through your blog, As it will reduce your alexa rank in huge

3. Quantity Matters

When writing a blog post it should have all details, And users should understand it clearly. Both quality and quantity matter when writing a article. Try to add maximum details possible about that particular topic.And do remember do not add content that are not related with the particular topic to make it a big post

Normally a blog post with more than 250+ words is good.

Do remember, When trying to increase Quantity do not loose quality.

4.Be Socially Connected

Now there are many social networking and many micro blogging site like facebook and twitter.As a blogger try to use their help a lot.Each time after you publish a article make sure that you post it on your Social profiles like Facebook Page, Twitter Page, G+ and others.

I will help you to get more traffic and more audience to your blog

5. Alexa Widget

Adding alexa rank widget to your blog can increase your alexa rank.And it will also help your readers to find how popular web site is yours

Check : How to add alexa site metrics certificate to your blog


1. Never Copy Articles

Simply copying articles and other stuffs from other website and re publishing it on your blog won’t make any achievement to you.Your creativity matters when writing a good article about a particular article.Copying articles is not the way you can make money with your blog.

You can do research about a topic on internet and do your creative work and then after hard work publish it on your blog.

2. Don’t Buy Links

Many of you may have heard about buying links in and back links for specific blog by giving them cash.It’s true that alexa will count your back links but try to get it in a natural way and not in a fake way.It will be also hated by search engines to crawl your blog and you will also get penalized for doing such activities.

Some natural ways for getting quality back links Guest Post, Commenting on other blog, And when you write quality contents back links will come in search for you.

Some From Alexa’s Blog

  • Alexa only determine visitors who visited your blog who have installed Alexa toolbar on their web browser

  • Claiming your site affects your Alexa rank

  • Installing Alexa widget on your blog will increase your Alexa rank

  • If site;s traffic goes up on a specific day alexa rank too go up on that specific day
  • Creating a premium membership can increase your alexa rank

Now apply those given methods on your blog and watch how your blog’s alexa rank goes

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