India Tops The Chart In Zoom Downloads Despite Warnings From Authorities

zoom gets huge number of downloads from india

The video conferencing app, Zoom got a massive number of installs in the last few months due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As per new reports, India is the country with the highest number of Installs.

According to Sensor Tower, Zoom secured about 131 million downloads in April and 18.2 percent of installs came from India followed by the United States at second with 14  percent.

India’s home ministry’s cyber coordination center marked Zoom as not safe and advised Government employees not to use the application and its services.

The number one reason for the dramatic number of increase in downloads is the lockdown and shelter-in-place rules existing in various parts of the world.

Earlier, Zoom was accused of poor security measures and thousands of online zoom videos are up for sale on the Dark Web. To tackle this, the company introduced the latest version of Zoom 5.0 with enhanced privacy security and better encryption standards to protect users’ data. A couple of days ago the company also acquired the end-to-end encryption startup Keybase to increase its capabilities.

Apart from Zoom, as per Sensor Tower, TikTok is in the second position with approximately 107 million downloads last month, of which 22 percent came from India.

There have been many controversies and issues with Zoom that forced users to switch to other alternative services to safeguard their privacy. During this time other companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft also came with similar video conferencing services. Messenger Rooms, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are a few examples of service launched in the recent past with video conferencing support.

A lot of schools and colleges are using Zoom to conduct online video classes and many corporate companies to conduct meetings as well. Anyways, the company is constantly keeping improving its privacy features to make sure the users’ data are 100% safe and secure.

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