Indian Govt Launches New Telegram Channel to Update People About COVID-19

india government official telegram channel for coronavirus updates

Spreading fake news amidst Coronavirus outbreak is on the surge and to fight against these, various companies like WhatsApp, Google, Facebook had already implemented some strategies on their platform. Following this, Telegram also joins the league by introducing dedicated Telegram channels to spread clear and accurate data with the people.

Telegram is having a massive user base in India and taking that into account, Govt of India’s official channel preventing misinformation about COVID-19 is live. Telegram started verifying these channels and gives them a blue tick. With these Telegram channels, a number of audiences can be reached out with high authenticity at a single time.

Telegram has already started creating a good number of Telegram channels for health departments of different countries like India, Malaysia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Singapore, Spain, and Uzbekistan. This channel will show on the top for queries like ‘coronavirus’, ‘coronavirus updates’, etc. They are all verified channels, so users can select the channel by seeing the blue tick mark icon indicating that the channel is an official and trusted source.

To curb the fake news circulation WhatsApp has already limited users from forwarding a message to more than a person in the new update. Ever since the outbreak of Coronavirus, WhatsApp has seen an increase in the number of forwarding messages resulting in sharing more fake news and other conspiracy theories about the same. Users are advised to visit only authentic sources like the websites of the official health department for information.

You can join the Telegram Channel MyGov Corona NewsDesk, which is an official channel by the government with about 1 million people as of writing this article. Similarly, you can also visit the Health Department website as well.

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