Infolinks: Review Best Google Adsense Alternative

I have written many post about Monetizing a blog with different methods including Advertisement, Banner Ads, Affiliate Marketing and so on

There is also one main reason why i’m writing this post
My friend Ajay started a blog and applied for Google Adsense, After submitting his blog to Google Adsense 5 times he got Approved. But very next day he again got Banned for violating Google Adsense TOS.
If this is or similar case is yours then there is one Gateway for blog monetization Which almost the best Alternative to Google Adsense
The surprising Idea given by the company is that Infolinks does not require any kind of Area for placing Banner Ads. They keep ads in the Fold, Tags and in Text which is very interesting Idea Isnt’it

Why Infolinks?

As i have already said Infolinks is the best Adsense Alternative, It does not have very strong Website Approving process.The approval process is very simple it is not strong and harder like Google Adsense.Compared to Google Adsense Infolinks gives us very interesting Advertisement options
Which does not require any space on your Blog.If you already have a Adsense  Account that is not banned you can alos use Infolinks along with Google Adsense as it does not violate any Adsense TOS.But DO remember only use one or two ad options if you are already placing an Adsense Ad

Why and How is Infolinks the Best Adsense Alternative?

As i have already told you Infolinks does not require any ad space on your blog you might wonder then how and where is the ads are seen.Infolinks intelligently converts keyword within your blog post into a link which, when pointed sows the Ads
Here’s An Example :
Infolinks is a CPC and CPM based ad network which gives us a lot of control over the ads which should be shown on our blog.Publishers have full control on what type of ads should be shown 
You have seen a example of In text ad, However There are also other advertisement options which you can implement on your blog
In Tag Ads


In Text

In Fold Ads


In Frame Ads


In Screen  Ads


Create and Integrate Infolinks On Your Blog

First Head Over to infolinks.con and create a free account,During the initial Set up process you should give your Blog details which you want to show ads like URL ,Name.Within 72 hours(For me it took only 2 Hours) You will get a response from Infolinks Team saying Approved or Rejected in the Registered Email ID.Once Approved, You can log in to your oublisher account Dashboard

On Dashboard, you can see a tab saying Integrate click on that 

Now copy the javascript from there and paste it to your blog  before </body>  tag,If you are using any kind of Content Mange System(CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla you can use their Plug In 

For Blogspot Users :

1.Go to Dashboard > Layout > Add A Gadget
2.Now click on HTML/Javascript
3. Paste the code and click Dave
For CMS Users
You may use Official Plug In developed  by Infolinks itself
Now you have successfully Integrated Infolinks with your Blog
Next to Integrate Tab Options you can see another option Customize, Click on that
This is where you can add edit or delete any kind of Ads that are in your site.Before going in Select the Particular bog from topper most column if you have more than one
Screenshot of Customization tab of Infolinks

Special About Infolinks

Unlike other Advertisement Networks , I used to opt Infolinks as the very best Google Adsense because of the below given pros.

Among all, one highlighted option about Infolinks is that Every ads that you placed on your blog will only load after your Blog content is loaded Which in terms mean that it won’t affect the Loading time of your Blog All the script fo infolinks are only loaded after the Blog Content is Loaded

  • Easier Approval :Infolinks only takes .72 Hours for the whole Website approval process, More or half time all website that are Submitted is Approved by Infolinks.It does not have any special Requirements to get approved like Google Adsense
  • Doesn’t Affect Website Loading Time : The whole Infolinks scripts only load after the Website is loaded.That means it does not affect the Loading time of your Blog
  • Doesn’t Need Advertisment Space : Unlike Google Adsense, Infolinks does not require any kind of Ad space for showing the Ads.All ads are showed on In folds, In Tags, In Screen, and In  Frame.
  • Payment : Payments are done through Paypal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer within the first 45 days of getting minimum Threshold $50


  • If your majority of visitors is from  asian countries like India ,China you wont get much income as the CPM and CPC in US and UK countries

Payments Proof


After the detailed review all i want to tell you is The Best Adsense Alternative is Infolinks.

I’m also interested to Hear from you, Do share your experience in using Infolinks and other Ad networks

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  • Great post. Google Adsense is the leading money making source for many bloggers. But they often ban their users for various reasons, which is a major headache for all bloggers. Infolinks is a great website that helps us to make handsome money. The best about this network is that we can place both Adsense and Infolinks Ads in same blog/website because Infolinks doesn’t interrupt Adsense laws.
    Also, they offer many ad units for their publishers which are the reason for choosing this network. One again thanks for sharing this with us. Keep writing. Have a good day!