Instagram Now Shows Ads in IGTV and Shares Revenue with Creators

Instagram to show ads on IGTV

Instagram will now share the revenue to its creators by showing ads in IGTV videos and custom badges in live streams. We have been hearing this for a while now and finally, it is life on Instagram for people in the USA.

At first, Instagram will show ads in IGTV videos before the video playback. The revenue incurred from this will be directly given to the creators with no share cut from the company’s side.

Starting next week ads will go live and initially, only 200 approved creators will get this option. Soon after this, it will reach more people.

Instagram is planning to display ads in a less intrusive way and might be 15 seconds long optimized for mobile devices. This is not final. Instagram will keep on testing various types of Ads to make sure that both users, as well as creators are satisfied.

“We’ll test various experiences within IGTV ads throughout the year – such as the ability to skip an ad – to make sure the final result works well for people, creators, and advertisers,” the company noted on a blog post.

The second way is by letting viewers purchase badges to support influencers. This is something that could be seen in twitch and YouTube. Here users will be granted a badge which makes them stay apart from the regular users. This is only available during Instagram Live Videos. Viewers could get one heart tier for $0.99, two hearts tier for $1.99, and three hearts tier for $4.99.

Both these features will make it’s way to Instagram next week. Initially, it will be only available in the United States and later to other countries including the UK, France, Brazil, Germany, etc.

So finally Instagram influencers could make money as content creators get from YouTube. The company will start testing the Live badge beginning next month.

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