Instagram to Soon Allow Users To Post From The Desktop Website

Instagram to soon bring the ability to post photos and videos, apply filters, etc to the desktop version of Instagram's website.

If you have been using Instagram for a while now then you might already know the fact that Instagram does not allow posting content from its desktop version of the website. Well, things are about to change soon. New screenshots popping online suggest that Instagram might be working on a new feature for the Desktop website that will allow its users to post photos directly from a computer.

If this feature rolls out then it will be a great relief for all iPad users out there as Instagram, does not have an app for iPadOS.

Credit: @alex193a

The developments come after a person named Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted a bunch of screenshots showing the new feature in action.

According to the screenshot, similar to the mobile app, you will be able to upload both photos as well as videos through the desktop website. Furthermore, the option to crop the image in various aspect ratios, the ability to apply custom filters and minor edits, and finally the option to include a location tag, add a caption, etc can be seen from the screenshots.

As per Alessandro, the feature is being tested internally, and do not expect it to go live any time soon. But we can expect the feature to come to the Instagram website sooner than later.

As of now, if you want to post to Instagram from a computer there are a few workarounds like using developer console in Chrome, etc. But things are about to change soon.

This will be a welcome change for a lot of people especially iPad users and social media managers who use all social profiles from their laptop or desktop.

All the information is based on the shared screenshots and no other sources reveal more information regarding the same. We are not even sure if the feature will hit Instagram but let’s hope for the best.

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