How To Install Mac OS X El Capitan On Your PC

Hi Guys, For the first time on my blog I’m doing a Hackintosh tutorial and today in this article will show you guys How to install Mac OS X El Capitan into your PC based hardware.

You need an Intel processor running PC Hardware to do this task.In this article too I’m using  an Intel processor based PC.We can also install Mac OS X El Capitan on a PC with AMD processor but the installation is highly tricky one.

Okay now, With no intorduction let’s get into the tutorial.

Download Links:

Before going download some necessary files needed for after and before installation


                               El Capitan Post-Install Tools

                                       Clover Configuration

(You also want to download OS X El Capitan from the App store(Sepcailsteps given below.))


On Mac OS Running Device:

Step 1: Take your Mac OS  running device like a Mac, Macbook or even a Hackintosh which has 10.6+ version

Step 2: Now go to App store from the device running OS X and download El Capitan.It’s around 6-7 Gigabyte in size.Wait until the download is complete

Step 3: Plug in the Pen drive to your Mac OS running device.

Step 4: Open Disk Utility(You can search for it)

Step 5: From left sidebar highlight the USB drive and click on the erase button in the navigation bar above.

Step 6: To format, make sure that it has a configuration like an image below, Now click on erase button and wait for it to complete.

Step 7: Open Unibeast, which we have downloaded before, Click continue for a couple of times until you reach Destination Select tab.

Step 8: In Destination Select tab click on your USB Drive. Press Continue


Step 9: From OS Selection tab click on El Capitan. Press Continue

Step 10: From Bootloader tab click on  UEFI Boot Mode. Press Continue

Step 11: From Graphics Configuration tab tick mark on the option called Inject Nvidia. Press Continue

Step 12: In Installation Tab click on continue and enter your username and password, Now it starts configuring what we did.

Wait for the process to complete, Be patience

Step 13: Now close Unibeast, and copy the two files called Clover and Post Installation folder which we downloaded to the same USB Drive.

Step 14: Now Eject the USB drive

On PC:

Step 1: Plug in your USB drives to your PC.

Step 2: Now hold on clicking Delete button to launch BIOS options.

Step 3: Now press F7 to load Optimize Default Settings

Step 4: Change the Boot mode to “AHCI”

Step 5: Now press F10 and save all settings done.

Step 6: After this is saved, it will restart your computer, Click  F8 or F12 to open Boot Options and navigate and click on your USB Drive.

Step 7: Now mac OS Bootloader will open up, Just press Enter to continue

Step 8: Choose your Language

Step 9: Now go to Disk Utility, By pressing Utility option from above taskbar

Step 10: Now highlight the drive in which we are going to install Mac OS, Change Name and click  on Erase button.

Step 11: Now on setup windows click Continue for a couple of times until we reach a page asking Select the drive.

Step 12: Now select the hard drive

Step 13: Now the process of installing Mac OS X El Capitan will start.

Step 14: Now your computer will again restart and press F8 or F12 and select USB drive from Boot mode.

Step 15: Now in bootloader page, you will see your Hard Drive just click on it

Step 16: Again choose language

Step 17: Setup other settings like Wifi, Username, Password etc.

Once done you will be booted to your brand new OS,

Step 18: Now open the USB Drive plugged in and copy Clover and Post installation files from USB to desktop

Step 19: Now go to System Preference and go to security options and set it up like the image given below(Also untick on Download and Install software from unknown source)

Step 20: Now install Colver from the Post installation Folder.

Step 21: Again install CustoMac

Step 22: Now open your EFI Partition > EFI >Clover folder

Step 23: And open config.plist file

Step 24: On SMBIOS tab > Click on the Magic Wand tool icon click on the option like in the image below

Step 25: Now select Mac Pro 3.1 from the option above and click on OK.

Step 26: Now go to Graphics tab and tick on inject Nvidia option.

Step 27: Once all done, Go to File and click Save

Step 28: Now unplug your Pen drive and restart your PC.

Step 29: Now Open Multibeast and go to Driver tab,

Step 30: Select your PC drivers from the left sidebar

Step 31: Click on Build tab and Install it by clicking on the install button.

That’s it Restart your computer and all set.You now have working Internet Driver and Audio too.If you don’t do essential configuration in Multibeast then audio and internet won’t work at all.

You can also install other versions of Mac OS X like Yosemite etc. using the similar method used in this article.All you want to do is to change the software version of Multibeast, clover, uni beast to the version of Mac OS X you are trying to install.

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