How To Install Remix OS 3.0 On Your Computer or Laptop[Dual Boot]

Do you guys want to Install Remix OS and experience both Android and Windows in a single OS? Remix OS is an Operating system developed for PC and Laptop based on Android mobile OS. This OS has the same User interface which Android has. This operating system is a part of the  Android x86 Open source project. If you want to use Android on your PC then you can install any Best Android Emulators. But, What about installing an Android-like OS in your Pc, which has both the features that Android and Windows have?

Remix OS is a revolutionary Operating System that has features from both Android and Windows. That means you can have all the features that Android and Windows offer. You can simultaneously use two Apps side by side. That means you can open Facebook App and WhatsApp at the same time on the same screen by resizing the size of their windows, just like what we do in our PC and Laptop.

Jide Technologies, the company behind Remix OS has also pre-installed Google Play Store in Remix OS. By thIS, you can easily install Apps from Google Play Store to directly to your Emulator. Whether it be Game or App, you can install anything from Play Store to Emulator with Play Store.  Interested?. Now let’s quickly jump into the article and find more about Remix OS, Installation and How to guides.

Install Remix OS Dual Boot

Download and Install Remix  OS – Dual Boot

In Remix Os, you can install and run any APK files, Games, Apps, etc. Remix OS comes with Google Play Store(If not, check here) and it’s services pre-installed.

From the first day of release itself, this OS has got many positive feedbacks from users all around the world. You can do multi-tasking, Capture screenshots, Resize Window size and much more.

You can read more about this OS HERE at Jide Technologies official Website.

Features of Remix OS

  • Install and Use and APK File
  • Google Play Store and Services Pre-Installed
  • All Keyboard Shortcuts enabled [Ctrl+C/X/V,etc]
  • Windows and Android combined single Operating System
  • Ability to play Huge FPS Games without any Lag

Today in this article I will show you guys, How to install Remix OS on your PC or Laptop. This is a Dual boot guide so, you can use 2 different operating system along with this Remix OS. You can use Any other OS side by side. Whether it is Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or even Ubuntu, it doesn’t matter.


  • Torrent Downloading Client.
  • Remix OS 2.0 and Remix OS USB Installer.
  • USB 3.0
  • BIOS Should have Legacy Boot Mode Enabled (Or Enable it manually)
  • 8 GB USB Drive (FAT32 Format)

Install Remix OS 3.0

Follow the step by step guide and Install Remix Os on your PC. This is a Dual Boot guide, so you won’t lose your existing Operating System while Installing Remix OS.

Step 1: Go to start menu and type “Create and format hard disk partitions“.

Step 2: Now from the search results select “Create and delete hard disk partitions” and open it.

Open Create and format Hard Disk Partitions window

Step 3: Now right-click on any one of the drives like D or C, and click on Shrink volume option.

Select Partition and Shrink Volume

Step 4: Now enter 16384 in space to entering the amount to shrink(In MB – Megabyte).

Enter the Size to Shrink for new Partition

Step 5: And click on Shrink.

Step 6: Wait for the process to be completed.

Step 7: Now right-click on the newly created partition(An unallocated one) and click on New simple Volume

Step 8: Click Next, Next, Next (Three Times)

Step 9: Now select file system as FAT32 and give it a Name like Remix OS

Choose File System: FAT32

Step 10: Click Next and finally on Finish

Step 11: Now we have created a new 16 Gigabyte partition to install Remix OS on it.

(Make sure that WinRAR is installed on your PC, if not Download it from Here )

Step 12: Extract the downloaded Remix OS .zip file

Extract Remix OS ISO File

Step 13: Now right-click on extracted ISO file and click on “Extract to …. ” option

Extract Remix OS .zip File

Step 14: Now open the folder and copy all the content inside

Step 15: Now go and paste it into the new partition we created.

Copy Paste the Extracted Files to Newly Created Partition

Step 16: Install the EasyBCD application that we downloaded earlier

Step 17: Open EasyBCD software

Step 18: Click on Create New Entry option

Add New Entry in EasyBCD

Step 19: Under Portable/External Media click on ISO

Step 20: Give it a name like Remix OS and click on the path icon and select the ISO File we extracted

Step 21: Now press Add Entry button

Step 22: Now a command window will open

Step 23: wait for the command process to be complete

Step 24: Once done, It will show a successful message

Step 25: Now click on Tool and click on  Restart Computer  option

Restart Computer

Step 26: Once your computer is turned on,  it will ask you to select which operating system do you want to start. Now select Remix OS option

Choose OS, Remix OS or Windows

Your PC might restart once

Step 27: Now you will get two option to select from Guest Mode and Resident Mode

Step 28: Select Resident Mode

Select Resident or Guest mode

Resident Mode and Guest Mode:

Resident Mode: If you choose resident mode then all the data you did will be saved after every reboot.

Guest Mode: If you choose guest mode then all your saved data will be erased after every reboot.

This is how we install and Root Remix OS on our Windows PC based hardware. You have multiple methods to install the OS. If you are not willing to install it to your partition on your hard disk then you can install it in a pen drive and then boot it via the pendrive itself, which is really great. Whenever you want to access Remix OS, just plugin the pendrive and enjoy, that’s it.

Final Words

That’ it guys Now you have successfully Installed Remix OS onto your Hard Disk in your PC. We have done a dual boot between Remix OS and Windows so you can now use both Remix OS And Windows in the same PC according to your taste. Whenever you want to switch between the to OS jut Restart your Computer and select which OS you want to open.

Hope you guys find this article useful.Now drop your valuable feedbacks below in the comment section.

Background of Featured Image used in this article is from Jide Technologie’s  website

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