IO Technologies Content Analytics: Best Google Analytics Alternative?

If you are a website owner then you’ll understand the importance of analyzing data and other key important metrics so that you find if the pages on your website are performing well or if they need to be modified again.

There are plenty of website analytics platforms. Today, we will take a look at IO Technologies Content Analytics, which is a platform that will let you find how your audience is interacting with your content.

If you are someone who is new to this whole thing then it will be super difficult for you to analyze data from Google Analytics GA4 with its complex user interface. This is where IO Technologies Content Analytics comes into the scene to make things easy and simple.

What is IO Technologies Content Analytics?

As website owners or webmasters, we all create a lot of content for our websites. But just creating the content is not enough. We need to constantly monitor user engagement and keep track of visitor metrics to see how our content is performing in real-time.

IO Technologies Content Analytics can help you with improving your content strategy with the right set of data. It is more like a replacement for Google Analytics but with a simple and easy-to-read user interface.

What can Content Analytics Do?

IO Technologies Content Analytics can help you with:

  • Developing evergreen content & boost organic search
  • Making informed decisions faster to outperform competitors
  • Growing loyal audience and increasing paywall rates
  • Managing & monetize traffic spikes
  • Maximizing the CTR of your homepage

In short, the software helps you to optimize your content for both performance and revenue.

IO Technologies Content Analytics Overview

I recommend Content Analytics for marketing teams, bloggers, and news editors to keep track of the performance of articles and improve them.

With the help of easy to understanding user interface and powerful reporting, you can easily find how pages on your websites are performing over time. It will list down all the important metrics like Avg Time, Readability, Recirculation, etc.

pageview metrics

Content Analytics even lets you define a group and then sort and compare data within groups as well.

source groups

You can filter content by author, category, sources, etc.


Apart from that, you can even analyze content performance by devices and platforms, all of which can be seen in a single click.

IO Technologies Content Analytics comes with pre-made filters for historical reports which can be accessed with a single click. With this feature, you can find which pages are performing the best, find why it is performing good and then recreate the same strategy for other pages on your website.

Yet another important part that I liked a lot is that you can create dashboards to track the performance of specific authors. If yours is a multi-authored website, then this feature will come in handy.

In short, the enterprise-level data processing speed and simple-to-use interface makes it extremely easy for us to read data and improve content strategy for both revenues as well as readership.

How to use Content Analytics to improve content for more traffic?

One of the important features that I like a lot about IO Technologies Content Analytics is that it helps us to find low-performing articles and suggests ways to make them better.

For example, let’s say visitors leaves the page as soon as they reach a particular point. You can use Content Analytics to find from where people left and then add more content, and modify existing content to make it more appealing so that readers will stick to the end.

Here’s how to do it:

1. First of all, you need to build a new report with the best-performing articles from your website. Make sure to choose your preferred traffic group.

generate report

2. Once the report is generated, go through the list and find pages that have the lowest recirculation, high bounce rate or other user engagement issues.

3. Edit or add more content to the existing page to make it more readable or even change the type of content you recommend. Do all the mix and matching and come up with a new version.

modify content

4. Wait for some time, collect data, and now see the performance of the edited version of content to see how it is performing compared to the older version.

IO Technologies Content Analytics Pricing

Now comes the important part, the pricing.

There are two ways for you to get an IO Technologies Content Analytics subscription. The first one is to get it from their official website and the second one is to get is through AppSumo lifetime deal.

  • Lite – $200/mo
  • Smart – $500/mo
  • Enterprise – $900/month
content analytics pricing

IO Technologies Content Analytics AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Below given are the lifetime deal plans from AppSumo

content analytics appsumo pricing

Wrapping up

IO Technologies Content Analytics is an absolutely great web analytics platform to measure visitor engagement and improve article performance for revenue and readership. The easy-to-use user interface and powerful reporting features make it one of the best Google Analytics alternatives.

If you want to read data easily with a modern UI then IO Technologies Content Analytics is what you are looking for.

Don’t forget to check out their AppSumo lifetime deal!

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