10 Amazing Hidden iPhone Secret Codes – USSD Codes

Almost all Android and iPhone devices comes with secret codes. USSD codes are what we call as secret codes. In Android devices, the code might change from device to device. But, for iPhone, we have a set of secret codes that will work on pretty much every single iPhone model out there. To trigger the secret functions that are built into an iPhone, we need to type the iPhone Secret code on the Dialer and then it will popup the particular function. You do not need to download any additional apps to use Secret Codes. All you have to do is find a secret code from the article and type the same in your iPhone dialer and you are all good to go.

iphone secret codes

Cool iPhone Secret Codes [Must Know]

To use these codes simply type the code in your phone’s dialer and the secret function will be triggered automatically.

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Hide Caller ID

Code: *31#MOB Number

If you are having an iPhone that supports hiding your caller ID then this feature will be a gem for you. You will need a carrier unlocked device for the same.  After applying the code and when you try to make a phone call, at the receiver’s end they will see something like “Unknown Number” or “No Caller ID”, which is something cool.

To use this code just type the code followed by the mobile number and tap on the dial button. The code will be specific for every country so select the code for your country from the list below.

Albania: #31# Number
Argentina: #31#
Australia: 1831
Denmark: #31#
Canada: #31#
France: #31#
Germany: *31# or #31#
Greece: #31#
Hong Kong: 133
Iceland: *31*
India: #31#
Ireland: 141
Israel: #31#
Italy: #31#
Japan: 184
New Zealand: 197
NEPAL: *9#
North America: #31# or *67
Netherlands: *31* or #31#
Pakistan: *32#
Romania: *31*
South Africa *31*
South Africa #31#
South Korea: *23 or *23#
Spain #31#
Sweden #31#
Switzerland Landline: *31#
Switzerland Mobile: #31#
United Kingdom: 141

SMS Center

Code: *#5005*7672#

Every SMS coming to your mobile and going out from your mobile-first goes to a server called SMS Center. It is then validated from there and will be sent to the recipient if everything is okay. If you face some problem in sending SMS or receiving them then you can check your SMS Center number and compare it with your service provider’s SMS Center number. If it’s not the same you can even manually update the number, too.

Call Barring

Code: *#33# to Check the status || *33*pin# to Enable Call Barring || #33*pin# for Call Barring

Call barring means it will block all the incoming and outgoing calls from your device. You can use the code given above to enable/disable call barring and check the current status. For this to work, you first need to find your SIM pin. You can find it from your iPhone settings. Now, replace the pin with your sim pin in the code and above and it will show you all the details.

Field Test Mode

Code: *3001#12345#*

This particular code will display all the details about your current network service provider, signal quality and network, etc. Type the code above into your dialer and tap the dial button. It will instantly display your signal quality or strength in decibel values. If the value is above -80 then your signal quality is really great and if the quality is below -110 then your network strength is really weak and the quality will be low. With the help of this secret code for iPhone, you can find a spot in your home or office where you can maximum signal strength which in turn improves the call and network quality by huge margins.

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Call Waiting

Code: *#43# to Check Status || *43# to Enable Call Waiting || #43# to Disable Call Waiting

This secret code will help you find your call waiting for the status of your iPhone. Furthermore, from the status page, you can easily enable or disable the Call Waiting feature as well.

Check IMEI number of your iPhone

Code: *#06#

For some reason, if you want to find your iPhone’s IMEI number then you can use the code above. IMEI number is a unique number that is assigned to pretty much every smartphone out there. These codes will help to uniquely identify a smartphone or mobile easily.

Call Forwarding in iPhone

Code: *#67#

To set up call forwarding when you are busy you can use this code. You can set up the number to which the call should be forwarded as well

EFR Mode

Code: *3370#

EFR or Enhanced Full Rate will improve your iPhone’s voice quality.  If you are having poor voice calling quality then make sure to enable this option. As this will be working in the background, the battery consumption will be a little on the higher side.

Disable Test Alert System

Code: *#5005*7672#

Use this code to disable iPhones Test Alter System after checking.

How to use secret codes on the iPhone?

Now that you know some cool iPhone Secret codes, next is to actually put them into use. Using a secret code on the iPhone is just a piece of cake. You can follow the step by step instruction mentioned below to see how you can use iPhone Secret Codes.

  • First of all, open your phone dialer. Make sure you open the stock dialer itself and not any other third-party app.
  • Refer above and find the unique code that you want to use. Let’s say that I wanted to check my phone’s IMEI number so I will copy the code (*#06#). You can either copy or note it down somewhere,
  • Now, come back to the dialer and then paste or type the code, and it will instantly trigger the function of that particular code. In my case, it will show the IMEI number of my iPhone.
  • This is how simple it is to use Secret Codes in Phone. It’s pretty similar to running a USSD code on our phone.

Final Words

These are some Amazing iPhone Secret Codes or USSD codes that you can use to find hidden settings, features, and options on your iPhone. These options will trigger functions that normal people really don’t want to use and that’s why these are given as secret codes and not as a settings option in the settings app itself. I will update with more codes when available and this is all for now.

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