Is Adsense Allowed on Hacking/Cracking Sites

As Google Adsense is one of the best  advertising Network for bloggers. It has its own Rules and Regulation to Follow.One among them is the Hacking and Cracking Content related websites.Many of the users still wonder why Adsense rejects my Application.One of the main cause for this is the content that you post on your blog
If you post Articles based  on the topic Cracking and Hacking Google never accepts you to the world of Adsense

Hacking n Cracking

A lot people like sharing and learning about Hacking and Cracking, If you start a website like this the chance for earning through Adsense is nearly impossible

Factors To Consider :

Adsense is not for Blog related to content like Hacking or Cracking

Google strictly prohibits content  related to Hacking Snipping Passwords of others, Entering Servers and other  public networks illegally are the factors that are related to Hacking

And when it comes to cracking it means making keygens and other fake softwares to use premium softwares for free

Placing Google ads on those kind of websites are not allowed bu google.When you are submitting your website to google for Approval they check your website for this kind of contents

Official Page by Google “Prohibited Contents

Word Hacking Cracking In Domain Name

As in my observation and research the word Hacking Cracking in the domain name does not violate Google Adsense Policy

But Adsense moniter  would have a alert in your website and will go for a manual review which wil be very difficult for getting Approval in Google Adsense

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