55+ Kickass Proxy KAT Unblocked Mirror Torrent Sites [Latest] 2020

Kickass Torrents is one of the most used Torrent sites to download various kinda stuff from the Internet. Whether you are trying to download Movies, TV Shows, Albums or Songs, Kickass Torrent got it covered. Millions of users around the Globe use Kickass Proxy to download their favorite content without any restriction. Actually, Torrent Sites gives pretty much anything you wanted to download. Govt and Internet Service providers block certain sites from users accessing it. And in the same way, Kickass Torrents is also blocked in many Countries by their Official Govt and ISP. In this article, we will cover the kickass unblocked sites list.

The best way to access any blocked site is is to use VPN Services or Proxy Sites. The main downside of using a VPN is they are way too expensive and a normal Internet user could not afford it. Monthly renewal and Highly Priced services make it even more unreliable for normal users. This is the situation where Kickass Proxy Sites comes into play. We can use these proxy torrent sites to access Kickass torrent without any restriction. Kickass Torrents Proxy Sites List.

kickass proxy

Below, I will be listing Best Kickass Mirror sites that will help you to bypass Blocked Kickass Torrent Sites and visit them without any issue. KAT staff keep on changing domains at regular interval of time, but again we are not able to access because it is blocked by ISP or Govt. In this article, you will find how you can visit blocked Kickass Torrent site without using any VPN apps.

Here is the list of other Proxy sites of popular Torrent Sites like Pirate Bay Proxy | ExtraTorrent Proxy |

If ISP blocked access to any site, does that mean we will not be able to access it anytime? Well, No not at all. Whoever blocks any website, there are a lot of methods to access it. Die-hard KAT Fans and Staffs has created Kickass Mirror Sites for people like you who are trying to access the original version of KAT. These mirror websites are known as KAT Proxy.

Kickass Proxy/Mirror Sites

Below, I will be sharing 50 Kickass Proxy sites which you can use to unblock Kickass, Every site will be mentioned with two tags namely, Status and Speed. The Status tab will give you a basic overview of whether the site you are trying to visit is Online, Down or Offline. There are some websites that are marked Temporary Down, this means they will be back online anytime. Now, the Speed tab will tell you to have fast the site is. Like, when you try to connect to the official KAT Server, how fast the connection speed will be.

KAR Mirror Status Speed
https://kickass-cd.pbproxy.red/ ONLINE Very Fast
Kat.co WORKING Fast
Kickass.unlockproj.loan ONLINE Fast
Kickass.st OFFLINE Moderate
https://katcr.co ONLINE Blazing Fast
kickass.cd ONLINE Fast
https://kat.proxybit.loan/ ONLINE Very fast
https://kickass.unblockme.eu/ ONLINE  Fast
https://kickasstorrents.stream/ TEMP. DOWN Slow
https://kat.sitescrack.pw/ ONLINE Laggy
https://unblocktorrent.com/kickass-proxy-unblock/ ONLINE Fast
http://dxtorrentx.com/ ONLINE Fastest
https://kat.am/ WORKING Very Fast
https://proxyindex.net/ ONLINE Blazing Fast
http://katcr.to/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass.bypassed.plus/ WORKING Slow
https://kickass.unlockproj.space/ ONLINE Moderate
Sitenable.co WORKING Slow
https://kickass.bypassed.plus/ ONLINE Slow
http://kickass.mx/ OFFLINE
https://kickass.st/ WORKING Fast
https://kickass.unlockproj.faith/ DOWN Fast
https://kickass.cd/ WORKING Slow
kickass.cm WORKING Fast
https://kickass2.org/ ONLINE Very Fast
Freeproxy.io ONLINE Very Fast
https://kat.proxybit.download/ WORKING Slow
https://kat.xyz ONLINE Very Slow
kickass.unblocked.pro TEMP. DOWN Moderate
https://kickass.unlockproj.review/ ONLINE Slow
http://kickasstorrents.video/ ONLINE Fastest
Sitenable.pw ONLINE Fast
https://kickass.usunblock.space/ WORKING Fast
https://kat.sitescrack.info/ WORKING Slow
http://katproxy.press/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://kickass.cm/ WORKING Very Slow
https://kat.host/ ONLINE Fast
Sitenable.co ONLINE Fastest
http://kickasstorrents.to/ WORKING Slow
https://kickass.unlockproj.accountant OFFLINE Laggy
Kickass.unblockme.eu ONLINE Fast
https://proxyindex.net/ ONLINE Very Fast
https://kickass.skillproxy.org/ ONLINE Fastest
Kickass.cd WORKING Slow
kproxy.com ONLINE Moderate
https://kickass.unblocked.srl/ WORKING Fast
https://dustorrent.com/ WORKING Moderate
https://kat.am/ UP Moderate
https://kickass.unblocked.srl/ TEMP. OFFLINE Fast
https://kickass.webypass.xyz/ UP Moderate

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is just for educational purpose only.

These are the best 50 KAT Proxy Sites to visit if you are facing some kind of issue with Kickass Torrents. It doesn’t matter which Web Browser you are using to visit the site. All the websites mentioned above works with all major  Browsers.

Proxy Sites

If you don’t want to go with any Kickass Proxy sites then the next option you have is to use any kind of Proxy Sites which are universal. When I mean Universal, it means it works with all websites not just KAT. To use any of the Proxy Sites mentioned below all you wanted to do is type the latest domain of KAT in the address bar and hit Enter and it will instantly take you to the KAT Homepage. I will be sharing the list of some of the Proxy sites. So, if any of the proxies didn’t get it right for you then you can easily go with the next one on the list. So, with that being set, let see the working proxy sites.

  • kproxy.com
  • https://hide.me/en/proxy
  • https://whoer.net/webproxy
  • https://hidester.com/proxy/

Try any of the sites mentioned above and access Kickass Torrent instantly.

VPN Apps to access Kickass Torrents

We can also make use of really cool Paid and Free VPN Apps to get access to Kickass Torrents without any restrictions. There are hundreds o VPN Apps available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Hola, Turbo Vpn, etc are some among the few VPN Apps that are available for Android and iOS. Below, I will be sharing a list of Free VPNApps that will let you unblock KickAss Torrents and easily download legal Torrent contents.

  • Hotspot Shield
  • Windscribe
  • ProtonVPN
  • TunnelBear
  • hide.me

These are some amazing FREE VPN Apps for Android that will let you unblock any Torrent site including Kickass Torrents and ExtraTorrents.

Final Words

These were the top used Kickass Unblocked Proxy and Mirrors to access the original version of Kickass Torrent even if it is blocked by ISP. Next time onwards when you wanted to visit KAT for any reason, simply just head over to any Mirror websites mentioned above and use KAT as usual.

Actually, these proxy websites redirect you to the same Kickass Torrent on their server. They might be already using some kind of VPN or something. Now the data is sent to your computer via their server. o, that ISP can’t block you from accessing it. And again, If ISP detects any of these mirror websites there a lot of chances that they will block these websites, too. If you encounter such a situation then please be sure to comment down below and also to access Kickass torrent again you may use any other alternative Mirror websites mentioned above. That is the exact reason why I have shared about 50+ different KAT Mirror sites. I hope that helps you. Share this article with your friends who use Torrent too frequently.

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