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Lanmodo Vast Pro – 1080p Night Vision System with Integrated Camera

We had already published an article about the Lanmodo Vast 1080P Automotive Night Vision System in the past. Now, here comes the Lanmodo Vast Pro 1080p Night Vision System with an Integrated Camera.

landmodo vast pro

Similar to Lanmodo Vast, the Pro version also comes with some unique features that makes your driving super easy and safe. If you are someone who drives a vehicle, then you might know how hard is to drive in the night where visibility will be on the lower side or at situations where you want to take reverse all alone.

This is where the Lanmodo Vast Pro with an integrated camera comes into play. The camera will capture everything in the surrounding and displays it in the 1080p screen on the dashboard.

Lanmodo Vast Pro

At first, let’s take a look at some scenerios where this system will come in handy

Dark roads

Chances are the visibility in the night will be on to the lower side while driving. This will help you to increase visibility at night.

Foggy Weather

foggy weather

It will be very difficult for anyone to drive on foggy weather conditions. The camera on the system will capture the road in front of you to provide you much better visibility.

Rainy Days

rainy weather

Blurry vision is a serious problem for everyone. Lanmodo Vast should help you in this case.

Features of Lanmodo Vast

1080p video recording through both back and front camera. One thing I liked the most is the fact that this system automatically record videos through both the cameras and store it. It has max support for up to 128G. Once the storage is full, it will automatically delete older footages to record newer ones.

One thing to note here is that the built-in G sensor will detect all the collisions and store those videos in a locked format. So, in case if anything goes wrong, you have the full visuals in hand. A nice feature to have while driving a car.

Even when in a parked state, if a collision is detected, the G sensor will immediately start recording footages for you for later use.

Provides you high quality and crystal clear images even in darkness. The camera in the system is a 1080p unit, which is very hard to find on systems like these at this price point.

The camera in the system could capture video in up to 45-degree angle and 984ft distance. You could find things that you couldn’t even see otherwise with your naked eyes.

Highlighted Features

  • High resolution 1080p video recording
  • Both back and front camera included in the system
  • G sensor to detect collision and capture video
  • Split-screen option
  • Waterproof camera setup
  • Captures up to 45-degree wide-angle visuals
  • Extremely helpful in foggy, dark and rainy situations
  • Affordable

Easy Installation

Lanmodo Vast Pro could be easily installed in the car. You can place the screen anywhere where you feel is comfortable. Better to place it on the dashboard for better viewability and accessibility

Golden Member Option

Being a Golden Member lets you get the Lanmodo system worth $619 for just $199. You can check out more details about the same on their official website.

Get Lanmodo Vast

If you are interested. You can get the Lanmodo Vast Pro system with an integrated camera from the link below. You can purchase the system from the link given below.

Get Lanmodo Vast Pro

Lanmodo Vast Pro is priced at $199 for Golden Member. All you have to spend is just $10 to be a golden member.

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