List Of Websites You Should Submit Your Blog For More Traffic

If you have recently started a new blog and not getting much traffics as expected  there is one way to get drive more traffic to your blog increase reputation.
You can submit your blog to many websites that can drive traffic for your blog.Below given are Free and Paid services that you can make use of to get more traffic that you expected.
Below given are some social media sites, bookmarking site, Website directory you can submit your blog to those networks if you like it.Submitting your blog to this website will increase you search engine rank and other SEO contents.
As Search engine’s play a great role in maintaining your blog future let me start with SEO.Once you have created a new blog the very next step is to submit your blog to various search engines like Google, Bing and others.Especially if you start a new blog it will take time for search engines to crawl your blog fully.It is that search engine bots take care of such things.
Google Webmaster Tool :
This is a official free tool provided by Google for webmasters to submit their site to Google for more fast and real time updates of your blog on google search results.You can also submit your blog’s sitemap to them for more fast updates of your sites in Google.This tool also works as a free SEO tool for your blog.
Bing Webmaster Tools :
As like Google, Bing also have webmaster tool for submitting your blog to them for indexing your blog much faster than the other.It also works as a free SEO tool.You can also submit your blog’s Sitemap to them like google webmaster tool
Alexa :
Alexa is a website that will estimate your blog’s rank in your country and in Global level
Anyone can submit their blog to them, But the only problem is that they don’t have a free plan all do they have is Premium memberships.Many users use this tool for scaling how popular this blog is.
Even alexa offers us a certificate that you can display in your website like me to show your blog stats
How to add Alexa Certificate on my blog without Premium membership 
Twitter :
This is one famous micro blogging and networking site used by millions of people around the globe.You should have a Twitter page for your blog for getting more traffic and links in. The links in provided by them is no follow links. Check how to create a twitter page for your blog

Facebook :
Facebook is one of the world’s largest social networking site with an alexa rank of #2. In order to submit your blog to facebook you need a Facebook Page for your blog.
You can drive more traffic using facebook advertising program too
Pinterest :
Pinterest is a image based social networking site.You can get high quality free back links by creating a new profile and start posting on it

Google Plus :
Like Facebook page we can also create a google plus page for our blog for getting more reputation and visitors.You can Create a free Goggle Plus page Here.It acts like a inter mediator for accessing your website in a short hand.
BlogCatalog :
BlogCatalog is one of the best site for submitting your blog. They do manually review your website and then only they link it with then.Some times you get accepted some time rejected, So make sure that you have quality content with you other than poor one.
Ahrefs :
Ahrefs is a free online tool that will help us to keep track on your blog backlinks. You can create a free Ahrefs account and then submit your blog to them. Then you can keep track on your blog back links in shorthand
IMT Website Builder :
This is a free online resources to get free highly quality back links and also it will automatically submit your blog to over 3000 websites.Creating a free account here can help your blog for  getting more search reputation

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