MacBook Pro and New iMac Will Be Apple’s First ARM-Based Macs

Reports were surfacing online that Apple will soon start using custom made ARM chips in its lineup of MacBooks and iMacs. An analyst Ming-chi Kuo has some predictions regarding Apple’s move. Apple will unveil the new ARM chipset at WWDC 2020 today.

As per the predictions put forward by Min-chi Kuo, Apple’s first ARM-based macs will be MacBook and iMacs.

According to him, Apple will most likely release the first iMac with the ARM processor in early next year. And the last iMac to come with an Intel processor will be launched somewhere in Q3 2020. It will have a 24-inch display.

After iMac, the next Mac to come with the ARM-based chip will be the MacBook Pro. Earlier it was rumored that the first mac to be unveiled with ARM processor will be a MacBook Air. But it seems that’s not the case anymore.

It will be more likely a 13-inch MacBook Pro that will come with the first ARM chip somewhere in Q4 2020 or early 2021.

Moving to ARM-based chips will give much more customization abilities to Apple. They could fine-tune the entire hardware to work more closely with the software delivering much smoother and efficient performance.

It is believed that the new ARM-based chips from Apple will be superior to Intel by all means. Whether it be battery efficiency or overall performance, it should improve by a good margin.

Don’t expect that Apple will launch the new ARM-based products for consumers at WWDC 2020. Apple will only unveil the same and it might take some time for the company to make it available to the public.

I am super excited to see the new ARM-based Macs. You could watch the WWDC 2020 live stream today to get more ideas regarding the same and watch what officials have to say.

Source: The Verge

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