Make Non-Transparent Image Into A Transparent One Using Photoshop

Suppose you want to add logo for your blog or watermark a image or video, For the best visual appearance you need a transparent image.

Normally if you create edit logo using any basic drawing tools like microsoft paint or something the transparency  will be lost.

Today, for doing this operation you can use Adobe Photoshop as a medium you can download photoshop from publisher’s website or by Google search

How To Do It ?

Install and Open Photoshop

Now Click on Open

From the selection windows choose the particular file you want to make transparent

Now from layer’ window right click and select the option “Layer from the background” then click OK

Now select Magic Wand Tool

Using This tool click inside the image were you want to make it transparent and press delete button in the key board

Once done you will see some check boxes instead of the replaced color


Now as normal save your image by click save as option from File menu

Do remember only save the image as .PNG  format as it only supports transparency

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