‘Meet Now’ By Skype Now Let You Do Video Call Without Registration

meet now from skype

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic and as a majority of people are under home quarantine, Skype and other similar video conferencing apps and services are receiving much more momentum than usual. Now, Skype has launched a new feature ‘Meet Now’. This feature will let anyone join a video call without registration or installation.

Traditionally, If you are about to use video call service from a website then you will be required to first register on the website and at times you might also need to install their app as well. But with the new Meet Now option from Skype, you are not required to do anything of this sort.

Users could perform a number of things during a meeting like Open recent chats, View participants currently in the call, Share the Meet Now link, Start recording the call, Mute or unmute the microphone, Turn video on or off, End the call, Open the conversation, Share the screen, Send a reaction to the call, View More options, etc even without registering or installing the official Skype app.

How to use Meet Now by Skype?

Using Meet Now by Skype is as simple as sharing an invite link to other people and let them join through that. If you are about to host a video call or conference then login to your Skype account and select the ‘Meet Now’ button. It will generate a unique invite link and you need to share it with people who you would like to include in the video call.

When the other person receives the invite link, he/she could simply click on the link and open the link in any web browser. The user won’t be asked to register or do any installations. This will work with both registered as well as non-registered users on Skype. As you could do video call via a web browser, you are not required to install the Skype desktop client or app.

Source: Skype

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